Monday, April 07, 2014

At least 30 reported dead in Iraq as Tony Blair refuses to fade away

Matt Chorley (Daily Mail) reports the latest on War Criminal Tony Blair:

Public opposition should not stop Britain embarking on new foreign invasions, Tony Blair has claimed.
The former Prime Minister insisted domestic resistance to military intervention does not ‘invalidate the necessity to intervene’.

If you caught the Today Show last week, you saw Jenna Bush Hager interview her father Bully Boy Bush who had a little exhibit at his library of paintings.  This included one of Tony Blair and when Jenna asked what Tony thought of the portrait, Bully Boy Bush stopped snorting and guffawing and mentioned he'd told Tony about it but Tony didn't seem interested.

Hard Times For War Hawks.

But outside of doing a favor for his daughter, Bully Boy Bush largely remains under his rock.  He knows he can't help his political party and any war he might champion would only sour due to his endorsement.

Yes, stupid Bully Boy Bush has more intelligence (and less vanity) than Tony Blair.

Labour's trying to distance themselves from the loser.

And he shows up yapping?

And yapping about war?

They want him to go away.

So not only does he not help Labour, but he also doesn't help his cause.

The man who forced England into an illegal war has no pull on selling other wars.

Which is why one high ranking Labour MP says Tony's real goal is to destroy Labour.  He argues Tony thinks the more Labour strugles and the longer it struggles, the better he looks in retrospect.

Could someone be so vain that they'd destroy a political party on the hopes that it would improve their image?

Maybe if it's the same trash brazen enough to sell an illegal war.

The scene of Tony Blair's most recent crime remains aflame in violence.

National Iraqi News Agency reports 1 mayor was assassinated in Baquba, a Ramadi suicide bomber took his own life and the lives of 3 Sahwa (with four more injured), an Arijiah suicide bomber took his own life and the lives of 4 more people (wit three left injured), 1 Shabak was shot dead in Mosul, 1 corpse was discovered in Mosul ("signs of torture"), Dr. Mohamed Jumaa ("Dean of the Faculty of Imam Adham in Samarra) was shot dead outside his Samarra home, 1 police member was shot dead in Meshahda, the Ministry of the Interior announced they killed 1 suspect in Anbar, and Joint Special Operations Command announced they killed 6 suspects in Anbar.  Alsumaria reports 1 civilian was shot dead in Sadr City, a Mosul bombing left 4 dead and three wounded, 1 corpse was discovered dumped in the street in Sadr City, and a Samarra suicide truck bomber (oil tanker) took his own life and the lives of 3 other people with ten more left injured.

That's 30 dead and 20 injured.   Tony Blair has blood on his hands.

Bonnie reminds that Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "When To Say Goodbye" went up last night.

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