Friday, April 11, 2014

Nouri the child killer (and the US government asks Google for a favor)

Nouri al-Maliki's ongoing assault on the civilians in Falluja continues and he got three 'kills' today.  How proud the thug must be.  Alsumaria reports three children were wounded in the bombing of the residential areas of Falluja and 3 more children were killed.

US President Barack Obaam's support for Nouri continues.

In spite of the killing?

Hell, maybe because.

The US government exists today for little more than the perverse amusement of those chosen to serve in it.

There are no high ideals behind anything they do.  It's greed and the hunger for power.

Which is how Secretary of State John Kerry bragged -- "bragged" is the term -- of how the State Dept was doing more to help the business interests.

You can whine  all you want about a Supreme Court decision granting personhood to corporations but it's just empty bitchy from you if you're not going to call out the US government redefining its role from serving the citizens to serving corporations.  There was no 'ruling' needed for that, just a craven administration that too many idiots embraced as "change" without realizing what they were actually getting.

The US government dicks around other countries and wastes taxpayer money incessently.

While people in the US spend months and years in the still ongoing Great Recession (which whores like Paul Krugman turn a blind eye to today), the US government works overtime trying to figure out how to waste the taxpayer money -- and how to do so while working petty grudges.

What has the US government defined as the biggest 'threat' currently?





I'm not saying either should be the biggest threat or even a threat.

I am saying they do love to pretend in front of the cameras and in front of Congressional committees.

But the biggest threat, as they've defined it, is China.

And there are whole groups in the non-NSA, non-CIA field of administration workers who spend forever and day wasting time on schemes to 'trump' China.

Four-and-a-half-weeks is the estimated time spent on one 'grand scheme' that would really 'screw over' China.

What's scheme that?

Google has a news page.  The administration has control of it with just a tiny little whisper.

Here's how it starts in the administration.

So what if, one administration (low ranking) official offers (not on a stoned high but sounding like it), we get Google to stop offering China's state run news agency Xinhua?

Great idea!  Get me a write up!

After the write up, three more people are read in on it.

One offers concerns.

Concerns  Like maybe in a free society the government doesn't attempt to censor?

No, concerns like, as detailed, it would be too obvious.

So another week is spent devising how to do it but not be obvious about it.

Week three finds the plan being polished by those read in as they gear up for presentation.

They come up with this idea.  When topics are searched in Google News, Xinhua won't come up.  And when topics are listed in Google News -- on the front page or the expanded listing -- Xinhua won't come up.  But if you search "xinhua," it will show a few results.

So it won't be obvious and won't garner any attention.

This plan -- and I'm not making this crap up -- then went through channels, got approval and the call was made to Google which agreed it would be "fun" (that is the term applied "fun").

Xinhua is a Chinese news agency -- a news agency in the most populated country in the world.

It's not going to suffer from lack of 'hits' from this action.

Since it's state-owned and operated, the plan also won't result in any financial impact on it.

But this b.s. plan is what many members of the government -- on the taxpayer dime -- spent four-and-a-half-weeks working on.

This is how they waste your money, this is how they 'focus.'

These little, at best, pranks.

Concerns about the Constitution, concerns about employment and the economy all fall by the wayside in a craven and corrupt administration that sees their role as something other than serving the American people.

A government that disconnected gladly embraces a child killer like Nouri al-Maliki.

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