Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nouri's 'success': at least 76 dead, 34 injured

How many more people will Nouri al-Maliki be allowed to kill?  How many more War Crimes will he get away with?  His continued bombing of the residential neighborhoods of Falluja (a War Crime) continue to leave people dead and injured.  National Iraqi News Agency reports 5 civilians ("including a child") died from the bombings with fourteen more injured.  Meanwhile, Nouri's ordered the same bombings in Ramadi and NINA reports people are fleeing their homes, being rendered refugees, as a result.

He's also begun bombing sections of Baghdad.  Far from the Green Zone, of course.  NINA notes:

The MP, Hamid al-Zobaie held "The government and the security forces responsible for the lives of citizens in the areas of Baghdad's belt ."
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "There are safe areas in the belt of Baghdad, especially west of Baghdad , far away from the events of Fallujah , and the government and security forces should protect them not bomb them , on the grounds that the security forces shelled randomly , yesterday and today , areas on the outskirts of the Zaidan area, west of Baghdad , which led to the killing of two citizens and wounding eight others . "

In other violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports 2 police members were shot dead in Mosul, 1 person was shot dead in Sab'a Bour, 5 people were shot dead near Alboudajjah Village, and the corpses of 2 women and 1 child were discovered in Hamzah-algharbi.  All Iraq News notes Joint Command announced they killed 5 suspects in Ramadi and left two more injured, 2 people in a moving car were shot dead in Mosul, and three members of the same family were injured in Salah il-Din when they were shot as they were distributing election leaflets for the Iraqi Alliance.  Alsumaria reports the brother of a federal judge was shot dead west of Mosul, 1 of Nouri's soldiers stabbed to death a civilian to the south of Mosul after angry words were exchanged, 1 military captain was shot dead (by a gun with a silencer) to the north of Baquba, a Yathrib roadside bombing left 1 farmer dead and two of his children injured, a Mosul battle left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and three people injured, Joint Operations Command announced they killed 44 suspects in Falluja, 1 police member was shot dead and two more injured at a checkpoint near Baiji, and 1 corpse was discovered dumped in the streets of Abu Ghraib.

That's 76 dead and 34 injured.

March 31st,  Glenn Greenwald (Intercept) reported on the NSA's Iraq spying.  We noted in that day's snapshot that the spying continues:

Let's move over to something more current with regards to the NSA's actions in Iraq.
In 2012, protesters were being tracked by their cell phones and their calls were being listened in on.  By 2013, a new 'trick' emerged, cell phone and net communication was being shut down.  This also happened in the lead up to encircling Falluja and Ramadi earlier this year.  Where was prime minister and chief thug of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki getting this techonology?  Or was the NSA executing these attacks on behalf of Nouri?

Osama al-Khafaji (Alsumaria) reports that Ramadi has been placed under curfew today and that the communications systems -- this includes cell phones and wifi -- have been cut.  Press TV words it this way, "The government forces have reportedly imposed a curfew on the city of Ramadi in Anbar Province, with all communication networks being cut off."

Exactly when did Nouri's government get that kind of power?

It doesn't have it.  It never has.  It's been done via the CIA outpost in Iraq.

Which means the spying was probably done out of that too.

Which means the US government probably knows who killed journalist Hadi al-Mahdi because it was likely done by them or with their assistance -- which would explain how the video feed of the surveillance camera outside al-Mahdi's apartment complex just happened to be brought down at the same time.

It may take twenty years, but it most likely will come out.  On a related note, more than likely, the State Dept's latest suppression of free speech in the US will come out in less than nine days.

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