Tuesday, May 06, 2014

People's Firewall to Save The Net (David DeGraw)

David DeGraw notes the following:

As the FCC is planning to kill Net Neutrality and the free flow of information on the Internet, we are planning a #WaveOfAction to create a People's Firewall to block corporate censorship of the net.  We are launching this campaign on our organzing call today at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

It will be an exciting call! Featured guest speakers include Larry Lessig on the new Citizens' SuperPAC, Robert McChesney on Net Neutrality, Valeria Hamel and Kevin Zeese on Internet freedom actions and the launch of the FCC #WaveOfAction. Join us on the call by registering here.

Here is our FCC Call to Action, please share it...

A #WaveOfAction Heading For the FCC

A diverse coalition of groups are launching a Wave of Action for media freedom and building a People's Firewall to block new FCC rules that will kill Net Neutrality. (Read More)