Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Iraq leaves blood on their hands

What's Marie Harf doing right now?  Thinking up a new lie for a State Dept press briefing?

The ethically challenged administration has looked the other way for over four months now as Nouri has bombed the homes of civilians in Falluja. Today's targets?  NINA notes 2 civilians dead and three more injured from the shelling of an apartment complex.  We're not done yet.  NINA notes that the bombing of the residential neighborhoods in north and south Falluja left 5 civilians dead ("including women and children") with ten more wounded.

This is being carried out with US weapons.  These War Crimes are on the orders of Nouri al-Maliki who Barack Obama made prime minister in 2010 even though Nouri lost the elections.

This is blood on Barack's hands.

I like Bill Clinton.  I think he did a few good things as president.  Others on the left can disagree and many do.  But my point in bringing this up is Barack's popularity balloon popped a long, long time ago.

And when he leaves office, the Cult of St. Barack will have others to whore for.

Meaning there won't be spin like there is now.  They'll drop him the way they did Bill and the way they did Jimmy Carter.  They may even, as they did with Bill in 2008, publicly turn on him.

And what will remain?

That he aided a killer in carrying out War Crimes.

In 2014, he may get away with it.

By 2020, the blood on his hands won't wash away so easily.

And the Iraqi people will not quietly walk away from the fact that they were terrorized and slaughtered by a man they voted out of power but who Barack Obama insisted have a second term.  They will speak of Butcher Barack.  Because that's what Barack is now: A Butcher.

One month and you miss this?

Well, you're not very bright.

Over four months?

You're a War Criminal.

And that's what Barack is.  And that only becomes more true the longer Barack allows Nouri to kill civilians.

Even the month of January, he could have gotten away with.  It was such a small number all things considered.  But each month the toll increases and future generations will not look kindly on the selfie-president so good at golf and celebrities but so deadly to humanity.

It's amazing how stupid people can be.  Barack thinks he's an exception and the rules that have applied to all will not apply to him.  When he's out of office, the bulk of Democrats -- even the partisan whores -- will disown his 'achievement' ObamaCare because the mood was for -- and will continue to grow towards -- universal health care and that's not what Barack provided with his tax passing as health care.

The minute he's out of office, even cowardly publications like The Nation and The Progressive will have to take on his non-left policies.  They'll have to call them (and him) out.  Because otherwise the Democratic Party moves further right.  So they'll have to call him out.

And then more cracks appear.

Barack was never a smart person.  He was always a media creation, more than anything else.  And part of the reason that real media (not The Progressive or The Nation, they're not media, they're begging whores who take money and take dictation) is so ridiculed and mocked is that Barack's approval is at 41% but the whores of MSM can't stop propping him up.

Maureen Dowd wrote a column last week that I missed until, over the weekend, everyone started e-mailing about it.  Dowd got trashed for what was actually a rather kind column to the War Criminal.  But the thing is, that trashing is not working anymore.

It goes to why people don't like Barack.

Whenever The Precious gets criticized, his lovers come out in full force like bullies.  Stalin couldn't have asked for a better goon squad.

And the American people see this and they are sick of it.  I know because I'm all over the country speaking to people.  Barack is sinking and every time his enablers attempt to rescue him by attacking other people?  It runs off a few more supporters.

41%.  The lame duck's got a lot to worry about beyond the November mid-terms.

He's not the only one.

He's the War Criminal and history will treat him as such.

But, let's tell the hard truth, WSWS, CounterPunch and assorted others?

They haven't written one damn word during the months that civilians have been killed by Nouri's collective punishment in Falluja.  That doesn't speak well for them.

They either need to start covering it or drop to their knees and pray that some event knocks out the internet thereby destroying anyone's attempt to find out what was written in real time as Nouri was armed and allowed to terrorize.

Nouri was never the choice of the Iraqi people.  He was imposed on them by the United States.  First, Bully Boy Bush imposed him in 2006, then Barack in 2010.

Not only has slaughtered the people, he's stolen billions from the treasury.

The Iraqi people will have much to complain about in 2020.

They'll note how they lacked basic public services and yet the US kept installing this man who did nothing for the Iraqi people.  They suffered year after year and the US government just kept insisting the puppet remain in office.

The future won't be pretty for a lot of people.

Don't shed tears for them about that because, after all, they never shed a tear for Iraq and have spent every year since 2009 pretending Iraq doesn't exist or, even worse, pretending it suffered when Bully Boy Bush was in the White House but no longer requires thought or attention.

The thing that the temple whores of the Cult of St. Barack never grasped?

A media creation fades quickly.

(As all the pretty boy males -- adults -- who slept with a certain male director and ended up on the cover of Vanity Fair only to then fade to obscurity know all too well.)

In other violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports the Ministry of the Interior announced 3 suspects were killed in Falluja, Joint Special Operations Command announced they killed 3 suspects and set a fuel tank on fire (the fuel tank, no doubt, looked suspicious), a Baghdad motorcycle drive-by left 1 person dead, 2 civilians were injured in a Falluja battle, a Latifiyah roadside bombing left 1 commander of the regiment of army 17th band dead and eleven serving under him were injured, 2 Jurfis-Sakhar roadside bombings left 3 Iraqi soldiers dead and six more injured, a Taji sticky bombing left 1 police member dead, the military killed four suspects in Kisik, and a Mosul roadside bombing left 3 police members injured.

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