Thursday, May 08, 2014

Iraq: The highs, the lows

Ahmed Saadawi was born in Baghdad in 1973 and he's a poet, a novelist, a screenwriter and a documentary filmmaker.  UNAMI issued congratulations to him today:

Baghdad, 8 May 2014 – The Special Representative of the United Nations for Iraq (SRSG), Nickolay Mladenov, today sent a message of congratulations to Iraqi novelist Ahmed Saadawi on the occasion of his winning the prestigious International Prize for Arabic Fiction, which is sponsored by the Booker Prize Foundation in London.  Saadawi won the prize for his book Frankenstein in Baghdad.

In a message to Saadawi, Mr. Mladenov said, “I salute you and congratulate you and the entire literary community in Iraq on this very important achievement.  This reflects the creativity of the Iraqi mind throughout history and particularly at these very difficult times that Iraq is going through”.
“I hope that this achievement will be a catalyst to all Iraqi intellectuals to continue with their creative work to enrich the literary culture of this country”, the Envoy added. 

That's the good news for Iraq today?

The bad?

Nouri's continued War Crimes.

When will the world demand he stop practicing collective punishment?

He continues to bomb the residential areas of Falluja. NINA reports that 13 civilians ("including a woman, three children") were killed and twenty-one more injured.

How many more civilians have to die before the world says "NO" to War Crimes?

In other violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports security sources killed 8 suspects near the University of Falluja, 1 truck driver was shot in Haramat,  Joint Operations Command announced they killed 7 suspects in Anbar today,  federal police killed 17 suspects "in the areas of Qayyarah and Shura," a Buhriz home invasion left Sahwa leader Mahmoud Mtashar and two members of his family injured, and 3 Saa-Abkar bombing left 1 person dead and ten more injured.  All Iraq News adds that an armed battle near Tikrit left 3 Sahwa dead, and 1 police member was killed in Salah al-Din Province and his body then used as a trap (bomb planted on it) leaving his brother dead and his uncle injured.  Alsumaria reports 1 barber shop ownder was shot dead in Tarmiyah, and a Baghdad bombing targeting a wedding convoy left 2 people dead and ten more injured.

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