Monday, April 18, 2016

Ash Carter sneaks into Iraq

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is in Iraq.

It's another of those sneak in visits.  All this time later, the US cannot send any official into Iraq with it being announced.

That tells you something about the 'progress' in Iraq.

Meanwhile, THE NATIONAL REVIEW's Stephen Miller Tweets the following:

  • Great photo of President Ash Carter on the ground in Iraq. Also one of Barack Obama

  • Comparison of how President Ash Carter's week is starting to Barack Obama's.

  • Before dismissing the Tweets as just what the right-wing is stating, it's worth pondering how many trips has Barack made to Iraq since becoming President.

    And let's contrast that with how many Bully Boy Bush made in his two terms of occupying the White House.

    CBS and AP report, "A senior U.S. official said that as the U.S. moves to help the Iraqis, it will also likely mean that at least a 'small number' of additional American forces will go to the warzone."

    This follows Ash Carter's earlier revelation of the plan to put more US troops on the ground in combat.

    Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Hillary's Friends" went up last night.  New content at Third:

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