Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Get Your War Hawk On (Kirsten Gillibrand did)

Does Kirsten Gillibrand needs to be removed from the Senate for medical reasons:?  Out whoring for Hillary Clinton (New York holds its primary today), Gillibrand is reported to have burst into tears in the midst of a podcast for POLITICO as she whined about Senator Bernie Sanders' voting records on guns.

Was this extreme acting on her point?

Or is she that unhinged?

If it's the latter, she needs to be removed from the Senate immediately.

The Weeping Hypocrite then mouthed words of "how horrible it is for these families."

Women of Iraq and the Middle East, women of Honduras, women of -- well which country didn't Hillary make worse for women?

Okay, basically, women of everywhere but upper North America, you clearly do not matter.

It's more important for certain spoiled American women of a certain age to get their Hilly installed as president than to be concerned about violence.

No, Jane Fonda, we don't mean you, you're not "of a certain age," you're elderly -- 78 is elderly and when you talk about sex in public, you're as ridiculous as you once found Lillian Helman -- in fact, you're much older today than she was when you would mock her.

The Weeping Hypocrite Gillibrand obviously missed Clark Mindock and David Sirota's INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES report:

Hillary Clinton presents herself as a tough advocate for gun control. But the State Department she led for four years helped approve more than $100 million in weapons sales for a handful of companies — including the manufacturer of the AR-15 semi-automatic that Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children in Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.
The sales to foreign nations, noted in Defense Department documents, include $4.2 million in receipts from the Remington Arms Co., which was sued by families of the Sandy Hook victims. They argued that the company was culpable because it marketed military-grade weapons to civilians.
During the 2016 campaign, Clinton has accepted contributions from financial firms that own sizable stakes in the gun industry while criticizing rival Sen. Bernie Sanders as soft on gun safety. 

Cry some more, Gillibrand, prove just how pathetic and embarrassing you can be.

Make clear that you don't really care about the suffering of families, make that perfectly clear.

Again, women of a certain age, who pretend to be feminists -- real feminists don't break down in tears in the midst of an interview at the mention of guns -- really need Hillary to be president.

They need it because, let's face it, inside they don't feel worthy.

They never have.

Their low self-esteem accounts for their poor judgments.

It explains their desperate fixation on War Criminal Hillary.

Gillibrand's audacity of self-interest also explains why she has no voice on the issue of Iraq.

She's just one more useless politician who can't speak out against escalation and who can't think of the tragedy so many Iraqis live with -- continue to live with -- from the never-ending Iraq War.

Iraqi women, you will never factor into Gillibrand's 'women-centric' world which is really just about putting a crooked, overweight woman into the White House.

At this late date, Hillary's campaign has become little more than a vengeance fantasy.

Barack's sending over 200 more US troops into Iraq, they'll be doing combat missions -- no tears from Gillibrand for their families, let alone for the Iraqi families.

But let's all cry for Cash & Carry Clinton who enriched herself on the taxpayer dime -- I believe we stood alone in calling out the use of the Secret Service to provide security at her book signings -- this is a cost the publisher should pick up but, hey, when the US taxpayer can be forced to pay for it, why not?

The avarice and greed wafting off Hillary is repulsive enough before you even factor in her War Crimes.

Unless, of course, you're a woman 'of a certain age' . . .

One lucky enough to live in America and not in one of the many countries Hillary's helped destroy: Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Syria . . .

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