Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jill Stein (seeking Green Party presidential nomination)

Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party presidential candidate.  She'd like to be the 2016 candidate.  (That race is ongoing.)  A friend supporting Jill reminded that she did Tweet about Iraq last week (finally) and asked if Id note her Tweets from the past 24 hours.  (We will only note Jill if she makes any effort to note Iraq.)

  • The Seven Kingdoms need a to mobilize the economy immediately against the coming climate catastrophe.

  • Our campaign supports every one of these positions. ✌️ We can't say the same for many others.

  • Winter is coming to Westeros? Green Party has been saying we need to get serious about for decades.

  • Charles Koch likes the Clintons because they have served him well. Another sign the corporate parties have realigned into one.

  • But it happened. We have to ask ourselves why? Charles has quite a vested interest in this election ($1bn) Hillary.

  • Why does our country force young people who want an education to become indentured servants to Wall Street? Let's

  • I agree with Charles Koch about Trump & fascism. But didn’t find Koch’s father provided fuel for Hitler?

  • No surprise Charles Koch likes . The oligarchy parties are merging! Time for a party truly of the people.

  • "Upload: a 2-party system. The lesser of two dangers, illusion of choice. Red and blue, nothing to do, no voice." - 💜

  • Bankers get bailouts for ruining lives. Students get debt for trying to further theirs. Corporate politics must end this year.

  • In 2016, corporate campaign donations apparently even pay for "digital media specialists" that troll everyone online. For real, Hillary?

  • Democracy needs a moral compass. Do not be intimidated to vote against your values.

  • it stopped acting like corporate media that ignores alternative parties... and ✔️ my account, .

  • There's a generation rising that sees beyond just individual issues towards broad systemic change. Welcome to the fight for the greater good

  • Presidential used to be run by League of Women Voters. Now theyre run by the DNC/RNC.

  • Stop immediately. 🌏 Our sustainable future is in energy sources like solar ☀️& wind 💨.

  • We are facing a climate catastrophe--nothing less. Those in denial & those slowed by corporate money must not win. This is our only planet.

  • Making higher education free is not only the right thing to do, it just makes good economic sense. Join my call: