Thursday, April 28, 2016

White House using your tax dollars to support censorship


In a Wednesday letter to the controversial satellite network, Iraq's Communications and Media Commission (CMC) said it was revoking the license that allowed Al Jazeera to operate in Iraq due to "violations of the official codes of conduct and broadcasting rules and regulations."

We noted it in yesterday's snapshot and it's still news.  AFP reports, "Ziad Ajili, from the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, condemned the move, saying that the CMC does not have direct authority to close media offices in Iraq."

It's news and it should be.

It's censorship.

Why is US taxpayer money being wasted yet again to support a thugocracy?

Why are US troops being asked to risk their lives for a government that doesn't even respect basic rights?

Now not everyone thinks it's bad news.

  1. Excellent news: Al-Jazeera's office in closed down and its operating licence revoked after years of pro-Da'ish coverage in .

See the club sex toy for Shi'ite militias loves it.

He really loves it.

But he's trash.

Like Jane Arraf, cowardly trash -- as Mike notes.

AL JAZEERA correspondent Imran Khan Tweets:

  1. shuts down Al Jazeera offices Baghdad citing code of conduct. Disappointed. In 3 years they never once complained about my reporting.

And we'll note these:

closes offices over ‘breaches’ of government guidelines

  1. shuts bureau for 'instigating violence'

  1. Iraq bans Al Jazeera network over coverage
  2. shuts down Al Jazeera bureau..
  3. Iraq shuts down Al Jazeera Baghdad bureau and bans its journalists

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