Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mimi Kennedy Tweeted the Dem Debate

Mimi Kennedy's been entertaining Americans for some time (both in comedies -- such as currently on CBS' MOM -- and in dramas).  She live Tweeted the most recent Democratic Party presidential debate:

  1. says NATO “We will continue to look for missions” Defen$e budget in of new wars
  2. When you come home after a date and your friends are like...
  3. Bernie understands must achieve peaceful coexistence in equality to survive. He is Israel’s true friend
  4. she says “I’m the person who” as if anything good has happened in Israel/Palestine. It’s been failed
  5. Hillary’s righteousness on Israel’s violence is not the president I want to see for the next 8 years.
  6. what a beautiful answer on Israel/Palestine. Hillary going into the usual demonization of Hamas&Iran. Gaza suffers.
  7. War deaths are gun deaths. War is violence against women and children.
  8. If is so anti-gun, then why is she so pro-war???
  9. Nuclear also has a pass on liability. Hillary says guns are unique: NO. Nuclear is not liable; taxpayer pay damages
  10. Hillary HELPS “advertise” guns to young people - by voting for WAR and recruiting for WAR as heroism.
  11. Why is the “goal” US export biz? Carbon footprint; why can’t we & other countries make more for our own&trade only what we must?
  12. Hillary nods to Bernie’s financial talk like “of course you’re poor” like she kinda holds it in contempt & pity!
  13. Hillary “loves being in Brooklyn.” What was that? “Her” people again?
  14. Bernie brilliant answer on banks. Inappropriate for govt to tell them other than “you can’t be this big or you close.” They solve
  15. “The people of NY” as if they’re subjects of a queen. I’m sorry, it’s weird.
  16. Hillary looks weirdly smug it makes me uncomfortable