Monday, June 06, 2016

Hillary and other War Criminals have criticisms to offer

That blood thirsty War Hawk Hillary Clinton thinks she's finally found an avenue of attack on Donald Trump.

Clinton: "We have evidence and audio" of Trump supporting Iraq War

Of course, the last time people in Hillary's camp claimed to have evidence of something, it was that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction -- and we all know how that turned out, right?

If only Saddam had been her challenger for the presidency, she might have cared enough to do some actual research -- or even to read the intelligence assessment.

Maybe it's not such a good move for Hillary, of all people, to do that line of attack?

Sanders: Clinton's "support for the war in Iraq was not just an aberration"
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As Bernie Sanders noted to Jake Tapper, Hillary's Iraq War vote was perfectly in keeping with other actions she's supported.

Last night, we noted the increased political criticism the US-installed prime minister of Iraq was receiving. Now even the militias are slamming Haider al-Abadi.  Andreas Izamis (IN-CYPRUS) reports:

The leader of the largest Iraqi Shi’ite paramilitary group has criticised a lack of “precise planning” in war operations to capture Falluja, the stronghold of Islamic State near Baghdad.
Hadi al-Amiri’s comments, in an interview with Al-Sumaria TV on Sunday, make him the second Shi’ite militia leader to voice dismay at efforts launched on May 23 by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to dislodge the ultra-hardline Sunni militants from Falluja, 50 km (32 miles) west of the Iraqi capital.

“Unfortunately, there is an absence of precise planning for the military operations,” said Amiri, the leader of the Badr Organization, the largest component of the Popular Mobilization, a coalition of Shi’ite militias that came together two years ago to fight Islamic State with support from Iran.

The militias are, of course, carrying out War Crimes.

Iraqi Sunni civilians displaced from Fallujah tortured & Cut thier ears by Shia militias yesterday

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