Monday, June 06, 2016

Shaun Tweets

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS journalist and truth teller Shaun King.

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    A child asked Muhammad Ali what he would do when he retired. His long, beautiful answer stunned the crowd.
    The Greatest of All Time gives us a glimpse into his heart.
    One of the most beautiful interviews you'll ever see of Muhammad Ali.
  2. Woke up and saw that my little man had made this collage of us at his recent awards ceremony. Love you little buddy.
  3. So raw.

  4. The word "Islam" doesn't appear anywhere here, but this is Muhammad Ali explaining his purpose in life as a Muslim.

  5. Been on Twitter for 10 years. This is now the most shared tweet I've ever had. Such a beautiful interview.

  6. It is more important to rebuild the Flint water system and our school system than to give tax breaks to profitable corporations.
  7. Raids are not the answer. We cannot continue to employ inhumane tactics involving rounding up and deporting thousands of immigrant families.
  8. Attention: First Lieutenant Deshauna Barber is reporting for duty as 2016.
    Making of a Beauty Queen: Deshauna Barber
  9. From the District of Columbia, 2016 Deshauna Barber! This Queen belongs in the White House.
  10. UPDATE: Kim and Kanye are back home in NYC. Again, Kim said Kanye tried but cops wouldn't allow a performance tonight.
  11. sad for kanye honestly. he really wants to perform 😭
  12. No one else can do this. Kanye West transcend hip hop man shutting everything down at 2 on a Monday morning
  13. Crowd at Webster Hall after hearing the Kanye show is shut down.
  14. Chance too good. God level bars.
  15. Kanye West tried to throw a surprise NYC show last night but it ended in chaos:
  16. SHOCKER-media falsely reports asked for fewer polling stations
  17. It's irresponsible that my opponent justifies sending children back to terribly violent countries as a way to "send a message."
  18. Beautiful day at Plaza Mexico in L.A.! visited the watch party. Soccer + Bernie = <3 p="">

  19. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is speaking before Hillary Clinton. (He's faced heavy scrutiny for sexual assault allegations.)
  20. Hillary Clinton thanks Kevin Johnson for his support. There are some boos from the crowd.
  21. A damn mess. This man shouldn't even be in public office. Shocked that Hillary would allow him to introduce her.

  22. Hillary Clinton is providing a platform for sexual predator Kevin Johnson.

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