Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The day after those depressing primaries

It's the global markets, silly.

what about the little girls in Iraq who lost their mothers and their sisters because of the war Hillary voted for?

As many a songbird before her with no real personality, Katy Perry will shortly learn what it's like to be hitless in the US.  Others who've struggled were able to ride it out via foreign markets.

In the eyes of the world, War Hawk Hillary is very controversial.

Katy might want to heed the Police's warning right about now -- don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me . . .

Artists should never stand too close to politicians.

Look at U2.

Not a real hit since Bono got all cozy with Bully Boy Bush.

Where was Bono on the Iraq War?

Oh, right, he told ROLLING STONE Bully Boy Bush was helping his 'global initiative' so he couldn't speak about Iraq.

And U2's credibility and career went right down the toilet.

Poor Katy.

Her teen queen audience long ago grew up.

She's never been an attractive person to begin with.

And her husband walked out on her.

All of those negatives make charting risky.

And that's before she got in bed with a War Hawk.

Britney Spears looked ridiculous in Michael Moore's film backing up Bully Boy Bush but she was able to bounce back by exploiting her own sexuality.  Katy does not have that option.

While Katy locks hips with Hillary, Liza Featherstone ponders what a Hillary presidency might mean?

  1. On breaking the glass ceiling Will she be the first woman president to bomb Syria? The first to deport children? to embrace fracking?

So what happens now?

Some e-mails this morning are expressing worry that Bernie Sanders will not take the battle to the convention.

I have no idea what he'll do.

Remember when Dennis Kucinich said he wouldn't vote for ObamaCare but then got on the plane with Barack and when he got off he was going to vote for it (and did)?

Something similar may happen during Bernie and Barack's conversation today.

If it does and Hillary implodes after Bernie concedes, he will have no argument for the nomination.

If he concedes and then, afterwards, Hillary implodes, it will be an open scramble for the nomination and Joe Biden or anyone else will have as much right as anyone else to it.

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