Saturday, July 09, 2016

Ben Tweets

I like Ben Jealous and respect him.  (He's a Civil Rights activist and leader and a former NAACP president.)   I also disagree with his opinion in every one of his Tweets below about the Democratic Party platform.  I'd argue he's far too optimistic.  

He'd argue I'm far too cynical.  

And he might be right but I've always believed that no matter how many packets of Kool-Aid you add to a gallon of piss, it's still just a gallon of piss, regardless of the flavor -- that sums up my response to the 'great victories' of the never, ever matters Democratic Party platform.

  1. Proud to fight alongside Deborah Parker, , , & to
  2. Proud to stand with all our sisters and brothers in the to !
  3. Pleas RT & support in standing up for justice!
  4. Everyone should aspire to be the of what they do. #22
  5. Urging opposition to , tells session: "Let's not be bureaucrats. Let's be leaders."
  6. WE ARE WATCHING ... proud of Berners! love, Iowa
  7. Thank you to , & the thousands of other Americans tirelessly fighting together to
  8. . is against the TPP. is against the TPP. Let’s not be bureaucrats – let’s be leaders.
  9. Tonight we won real victories incl. getting a $15 federal minimum wage and union pension protections in the platform! Good work. Good night!
  10. The Maryland delegation is working hard in to help create a platform all can believe in!