Saturday, July 09, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

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    We're just getting started. Join me at the Nominating Convention Aug 4-7:
  2. Bernie supporters, don't panic. The political revolution will & must continue. A war monger & racist billionaire won't be your only choices.
  3. Such as foreign policy/role of the US military, abolition of student debt & the need to transition to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.
  4. We agree w/ on many issues, but there are also some significant differences that would have to be addressed for collaboration.
  5. We've always been clear: path to a progressive revolution isn't through the Dem party, Sanders has shared this position most of his career.
  6. A Sanders/Stein ticket outside of the Democrats has always been conditioned on discussing and agreeing on a joint program moving forward.
  7. Ultimately the nomination decision is in the hands of delegates to the convention, though most of them are pledged to myself.
  8. We've never offered to step aside & give the nomination of to without serious discussions of issues & strategies.
  9. We have said we are willing to discuss a variety of cooperative approaches, including the possibility of creating a united ticket.
  10. We've repeatedly asked to meet with to discuss possibilities for collaboration to build a progressive revolution in the US.
  11. In light of yesterday's article, here is my statement clarifying our offer to collaborate w/ :
  12. Political rebellion w/in the Democratic Party continues to be undermined as refuses to reject . Unequivocally we oppose it.
  13. Hillary and establishment Democrats have sent a message today: if you are rich you contribute less to society and take more.
  14. It is shameful that the the Democratic Party cannot bring itself to reject the which puts corporations over people.
  15. URGENT! I need your help TODAY to get on the Georgia ballot! Will u donate $50 right now? It will be matched 100%.
  16. It's time to apply principles of gun control to policing as well as the broader community & to establish nonviolent, demilitarized policing.