Monday, July 04, 2016

GUARDIAN poster boy Tony Blair

A number of you have e-mailed to express shock over Steve Richards' ridiculous column at THE GUARDIAN.

Why are you shocked?

Because Amy Goodman pimped it as a leftist newspaper?

The paper was fully on board with Tony Blair and the Iraq War.

It was THE TIMES OF LONDON, and not THE GUARDIAN, that broke the news on The Downing Street Memo.  THE GUARDIAN never covered that story.

In the US, we were outraged by US papers ignoring the memo.

But in England, THE GUARDIAN ignored it as well.

The paper is not independent.

It is a house organ for the Labour Party.

That's why it exists.

It's a daily version of the US magazine THE NATION (which is a house organ for the Democratic Party).

So it's defending War Criminal Tony Blair again is pathetic and totally expected.

My favorite part of the awful column is the start of the third paragraph from the end, "There is no point guessing . . ."

But all the column has offered before (or after) is guessing.

Guessing to justify Tony Blair going to war on Iraq.

Guessing to shore up Tony Blair.

It's a ridiculous column.

A whorish one even.

And until THE GUARDIAN grasps that there is no forgiveness and there is no rewriting, garbage like this will continue to appear at the website.


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