Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Only #some lives matter?

The death toll from the weeken's suicide truck bombing in Baghdad has continued to climb with Mohammed Tawfeeq, Joe Sterling, Tiffany Ap and Hamdi Alkhshali (CNN) counting over 200 dead.

As a number of people have been pointing out on Twitter, the deaths do not appear to register -- not in the same way as attacks in Orlando, Florida and Paris have.

Read the caption 😭😭

Over 200 people just died in Iraq and NOONE seems to care&change their damn profile pics to the iraqi flag or atleast hashtag pray for Iraq

  1. Where are the hashtags? Where are the Iraqi flag avis? Where is the global concern? Nowhere.

Will Facebook respect by giving the users an Iraqi flag to put over their profile pictures like they did for Orlando & Paris?

So will monuments around the world light up with the colors of the Iraqi flag after Baghdad bombings that left hundreds killed, injured?

Where are the hashtags? Where are the Iraqi flag avis? Where is the global concern? Nowhere.

Meanwhile, thanks to WikiLeaks, War Hawk Hillary Clinton gets a little attention.
  1. . leaks 1000+ Clinton emails; FBI grills Hillary
  2. 'Over 1,200 reasons to indict her': WikiLeaks rolls out ‘Clinton Iraq War’ emails

John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

And he's been a huge disappointment.

Not just for those who had hopes in him but also for the White House.

They've iced John out.

Though he fails to take the hint.

Last week, he ticked off a number of Congressional members in his own party when he took to praising Iran (he also didn't please the Secretary of Defense).

The response from the Iranian government?  AFP reports:

A barrage of rockets targeted a camp housing members of an Iranian opposition group near Baghdad on Monday, injuring several people, an Iraqi security spokesman and the exiles said.
The People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran (PMOI) members are waiting at the camp to be resettled outside the country.

The camp was targeted in a rocket attack last year that killed at least 26 people.

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