Sunday, May 20, 2018

It's all about selling war

Once Hated by U.S. and Tied to Iran, Is Sadr Now ‘Face of Reform’ in Iraq?

I'm sorry, when was Moqtada al-Sadr hated by the US?

Most Americans couldn't identify him in a picture.  Few even know his name.

So exactly when was he hated by the American people?

Oh, that's right, it's THE NEW YORK TIMES.  So what they mean is hated by the US government.

It's not the same thing. 

We try to make the distinction because we don't peddle war.  We repeatedly note that people are not their government.  It works both when looking at other countries and when looking at our own.  How many people, for example, in this country feel represented by Donald Trump?  Maybe slightly more than a third.

When you make a country its rulers, you make it easy to render the actual people invisible which always makes war much easier.  It's easier, for example, to bomb Saddam Hussein, than it is to bomb three-year-old A'dab in Mosul.  THE NEW YORK TIMES has made an art out of rendering whole populations invisible and that's why it's so very good at selling wars.

I really can't take liars these days.  I just found out, for example, about 'the resistance' and their brave reporter who is also a pedophile, she thinks it's okay to look at the genitals of underage transgendered persons because they are trans.  She's is disgusting.  Why do HUFFINGTON POST and others publish her garbage?  Why is she treated as a voice of 'resistance' when she's a disgusting child molester?  And to prey on trans persons?  You're victimizing the victimized.  She should be in prison or at the very least shunned.  But outlets like HUFFINGTON POST will publish her rants and pretend like she's a part of acceptable society.

Here's another crazy:

Here are 4 charts from Pew, one of the gold standard groups for international attitude surveys, showing the damage to America’s reputation from Trump. The Iraq war also devastated perceptions of America abroad; Trump has done the same during a time of relative peace & prosperity.


How many wars is the US engaged in right now?

The US military is currently in 5 wars: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Relative peace?  Only if your an ass with your head in the sand.  How disgusting.  Why do vile liars get jobs to share their stunted and foul opinions?  Oh, he works at THE WASHINGTON POST -- suddenly, it all makes sense.

Again, a lot of publications exist to mislead the American public and sell war.

They are the epitome  of fake news.  But FACEBOOK will never call them out.  Congress will never hold hearings to confront them.

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