Saturday, May 26, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

  1. Ukraine is suspect in shoot down. But is part of investigation team and has veto power over what evidence is made public.
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    When a Conservative calls you a “Liberal,” but you’ve actually evolved to the next stage...
  3. May 25 is Resistance is not futile!
  4. F**k John McCain. He is a sack of s**t.
  5. Dear white people, Don’t contradict me or any other black person when we point out the racist nature of the U.S. police State. None of this “all people” or “not just black people.” The next person who tries that will be cursed out.
  6. So Ecuador will turn Assange over. Sad.
  7. Cheap ass . wouldn't accept Puerto Rico driver license as ID. Then wouldn't accept passports. Plus haven't refunded the money.
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    "The BBC is the disinformation department of the Global Elite" - Steve Bannon
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    Absolutely no reason for the United States to be in any summit with the DPRK, anyway. The world should boycott and sanction the U.S.
  10. Every black person every day.
  11. N.J. Democrats loved the idea of taxing the rich — until they actually could do it Typical. Democrats show their true colors when they actually have a chance to help us.
  12. Vladimir Putin wants to take over America but he's a cheap skate and was only willing to spend $3,202.
  13. Trump will be partially vindicated thanks to democratic party corruption and incompetence.
  14. Why is announcement happening now? Attempt to discredit or to stop altogether being held in Russia and pipeline from Russia to Germany. War propaganda everywhere.
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    We did a *lot* of work explaining how Iraq Body Count was recording perhaps 10% of the Iraqi death toll. Philip Cross has seen to it that our work has been disappeared from Wikipedia history. Does anyone believe this is a lone individual simply pursuing his personal interests?
  16. As a Soviet republic Ukraine also had access to Buk missiles. Just saying. Of course we don’t even know if that is really what shot down flight . So much war propaganda.