Sunday, May 20, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

  • But it’s perfectly okay for the CIA to interfere and meddle in some 80+ elections worldwide over the last 6 decades? 🤔
  • How’s that for good news? For the first time in 7 years, the Syrian Army has full control over Syria’s capital of Damascus. The city is liberated. Not one Al-Qaeda or ISIS jihadist left in sight.
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    tell us that peace & calm are finally returning to them in , after facing jihadists for 7 years. Now, they are focused on rebuilding the Church; reduced by 50% since 2011. On this , we are thankful to God for delivering them from evil.
  • Detaining women’s rights activists and branding them “traitors” mere weeks before the world’s only ban on women driving is supposed to be lifted. This is how Saudi Arabia, which sits on the UN Women’s Rights Commission, “empowers” its female citizens.
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    The drone strikes. The arming of the world’s vilest criminals from jihadists to neo-Nazis to drug cartels. All the wars he waged. All the nations he spied on. All the whistleblowers he went after. I totally get why everyone’s so nostalgic. 🙄
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    It it took eight years for the media and the CIA to kill Gary Webb
  • So the “new and improved” Saudi Arabia, between the ongoing starvation and bombing of millions of innocents in Yemen along now with the continuing detainment of women who drive, is exactly the same as the old Saudi Arabia? Imagine my shock.
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    Speak for yourself. And ask the people in Libya and Syria about Obama He ruined these countries by jihadists proxies
  • John McCain has done a great many things in his life but “make peace” wasn’t one of them. He has supported neocon war after neocon war for his entire political career and has the blood of countless innocents on his hands.
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    Sarah Abdhallah ci racconta la 's interview with translated in Italian
  • Wish a great year to a war criminal who helped starve more than 500,000 children to death in Iraq with sanctions then declare that it was “worth it”? No thanks.
  • If only decent people took a stand when you and Obama had the CIA give guns to head-chopping, church-burning terrorists to topple Syria’s secular government. World would be a better place today.
  • Says a woman who helped pump billions of dollars worth of guns and heavy weapons into the hands of jihadist fanatics in Syria and Libya. No “soul searching” when it comes to arming extremists who terrorize innocent Syrians and Libyans, huh Hillary? Save us the crocodile tears.