Monday, May 21, 2018

The non-shooting

A shooting makes news.
What about a non-shooting?
Cumberland Academy in Tyler Texas.
The Tyler Police Department has confirmed officers spoke with a Cumberland Academy High School student about a post made on social media on Monday morning.
Detective Andy Erbaugh said the student made a post to social media about "the tumultuous nature of the school," which was perceived by others as a threat.
"We did respond, but it wasn't a threat," Erbaugh said. "It was an irresponsible posting by a student."
I heard about this around 10 this morning.  We have a community member who has a daughter that attends the school.  The police were there to speak with the student when he arrived.  After he had been taken somewhere for questioning, the police remained on site to make sure there were no other issues.  Some parents were taking their kids home to be safe but our friend stated she felt her daughter was safe and that all steps had been taken.  So good for Cumberland Academy and Tyler police for being pro-active.