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Bioneer, Support Our Future Leaders

Support Bioneers Youth Leaders

Dear Bioneer,

Each year, Bioneers fosters agency in youth through critical discourse, self-expression, collective healing and network building. Our Youth Leadership Program, supported by generous donors, is actively cultivating the empathetic, forward-thinking leadership our world so desperately needs.

We need your help! 
Support the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program
Young people ages 13-23 who participated in the 2018 Bioneers Youth Leadership Program represent the most diverse constituency within Bioneers; over half our conference youth scholars are youth of color, and a significant number identify as LGBTQ+. This was also our largest cohort with over 400 participants in the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program.

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference.
  • $10 supports 1 meal for 1 youth during conference
  • $30 supports all meals for 1 youth throughout the conference
  • $100 supports one youth scholar in attending the conference for 1 day, including lunch
  • $300 supports one youth scholar's attendance to the full conference, including the youth orientation and meals
  • $1000 supports 4 youth scholars' attendance to the full conference, including the youth orientation and meals
  • $2000 supports 1 youth group of 8 in attending the conference, including the youth orientation and meals
Support the Bioneers Youth Leadership Program
From Bioneers Youth Leadership Program participants:

“Young people are the future. Our presence at gatherings like this is important both to learn from those with more experience out in the world than us and to teach about our experiences and ideas. It's a great place for us to meet other people, especially other young people, who are passionate about the same things as us and taking action to make change in their communities.”
. . .
“It was great hearing from social justice and environmental leaders from different backgrounds. Thoughtful discussion, and hearing change that is currently being done around the world gave me a renewed sense of inspiration for my current work. During team building activities during orientation, I was inspired hearing from so many high school and college age folks about their passion in environmental and social change.”
Bioneers youth leaders go on to achieve amazing things (check out local politician Chloe Maxmin and climate activist Rose Strauss)! We hope you'll consider supporting these incredible young people.

Our sincerest gratitude,

Maya Carlson and Arty Mangen
Bioneers Youth Program Leads

What Changemakers Are Saying About Bioneers

Michael Pollan: This is my fourth or fifth time on this stage (since 2001), and one of the reasons I’m here is to express my gratitude to Kenny and Nina for all that this community has contributed to my work. It was through Kenny I met Joel Salatin, the farmer who’s at the center of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. It was through Bioneers that I was first exposed to Paul Stamets, the visionary mycologist who’s very much a part of my new book How to Change Your Mind. Heritage Seeds was an idea that Kenny introduced me to when he was working on Seeds of Change [in the early 1990s]. Time after time, there have been key moments, and I have this sense my next book is somebody out here. I just have to find them.
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