Saturday, December 22, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

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    The most bizarre aspect of Rachel 's deep anger over troop withdrawal from Syria is that she wrote an entire book in 2012 denouncing illegal US Endless War without congressional approval - exactly what Syria is. I interviewed her about it here:
  2. Every nation isn't a puppet doing the U.S. bidding. Good news that India will keep buy Iranian oil, won't join sanctions regime.
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    Margaret K (of Black Agenda Report ) pertinently bringing up the Integrity Initiative scandal & what it says about our so-called democracies. No surprise that Assange was a target of the II, an org partly funded by the UK govt.
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    Important new briefing on the Integrity Initiative from the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media:-
  5. Can’t someone do something about her?
  6. President of led the invasion of Congo and killed 6 million people. Why hasn’t the press given that any attention? Why is he talking about hair?
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    Stephen Cohen: 'The idea that we have to fight disinformation is now very profitable in the ; everybody will give you money. And if you don’t have a particularly big brain, it’s a good way to pretend you’re an intellectual and get paid for it.
  8. Christopher Steele, Skripal, British covert ops
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    So it turns out that the biggest lie in the entire Skripal affair was that Pablo Miller of MI6 and Orbis, the man whose identity the entire UK MSM colluded in concealing, had "retired" to Salisbury because he liked to see the wonderful spire, 123m high.
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    Get ready for the next mobilization when John Bolton is fired!
  11. Says the woman who brought slavery to Libya. How is that for consequences?
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    Actions do have consequences. The Iraq, Libya, & Syria wars you supported tore entire countries apart, caused mass death & suffering, empowered ISIS, & likely helped cost you the 2008 primary & 2016 election. These foolish, criminal polices put everyone at risk, & voters know it.
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    American liberals have no ideological core and, seemingly, no moral Foundation. That's why they're so damn useless in posing any semblance of a resistance
  14. Just to be clear, they were right the first time.
  15. Liberals. “Sessions is the kkk.” Also liberals. “Sessions is out? We must protest!” Liberals. “Mad Dog Mattis and Trump will get us all killed.” Also liberals. “Mattis is gone? We’re doomed!”
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    BREAKING: Black internationalists say it's about time for the U.S. to exit Syria and Afghanistan. Read more 👇🏿
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    exactly. Russia is helping syria, the US is bombing the shit out of it. and funding terrorism within it to create regime change
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    I get it, , Russia is liberal catnip. But outrage around police brutality has gone on for decades. This really dismisses grassroots organizing – and isn't even new:
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    Never mentioned when they call it a “win for Putin” ... Russia was invited to Syria, whereas we were there illegally.