Saturday, December 22, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

  • Merry Christmas from Syria’s Lattakia, at peace and free of terrorism. Beautiful scenes that the Western media never shows us. (Video via )
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  • You mean like how your warmongering policies of bombing sovereign nations & arming Al-Qaeda terrorists have turned Libya into a failed state where jihadists sell human beings in slave auctions, and destabilized Syria, creating a global refugee crisis? Those sorts of consequences?
  • When Obama invaded Syria without congressional approval, armed and supported Al-Qaeda jihadists in an attempt to topple a secular leader, no one batted an eyelash. But when the decision is made to bring back home US troops illegally present in Syria, all hell breaks loose.
  • Empowering ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists is exactly what you and the Obama administration did from the jump not only in Syria but Libya too. And you have the gall to lecture us about “dangerous consequences” today.
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    The hysterical reaction to the decision to withdraw troops from Syria is astonishing & shows just how attached to war some are. Lindsey Graham & others want us to continue our regime change war in Syria and to go to war with Iran. That’s why they’re so upset.
  • As for the children of Libya, Syria, Yemen and beyond, Obama showered them with bombs.
  • Ron Paul: Warmongers Upset With Trump’s Syria Decision
  • Actually the stain comes from Obama and Hillary arming, training and financing jihadist terrorists who have torn Syria apart and threatened one of the oldest civilizations on Earth with genocide.
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    Trump Does The Right Thing In Syria... And Washington Flips Out!
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    You mean the same military experts that lied us into Iraq & Libya and currently has us bombing 8 different countries? Trump has so completely ruined Liberals brains that they now publicly cheer on war and military confrontations with Nuclear powers.
  • The same Barack Obama who enabled Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen and created the world’s biggest humanitarian catastrophe in which millions of children are now being starved to death.
  • “President Donald Trump’s decision to order a full US withdrawal from Syria has been met with anger and disbelief by the Washington establishment that hoped for regime change in Damascus.” Imagine my shock 🙄
  • Merry Christmas from Syria’s Damascus. A sight you would have never seen under Obama and Hillary’s Al-Qaeda “rebels”.
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    BREAKING: Plans underway for full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. There are currently about 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria. Right decision. Syrian intervention was an Obama/Hillary/Neo-con effort to support jihadists & topple a secular leader.
  • Yup. Nothing more “beautiful” than a mass murderer who’s responsible for the death, suffering and displacement of millions of human beings... 🙄
  • Ron Paul: Our government actively participating in this brutal war of aggression against Yemen - one of the world’s poorest countries - is far from upholding “American values.”
  • Not a joke: Saudi Arabia, which is responsible for arming and funding jihadists in Syria, and is currently bombing and starving millions in Yemen, condemns the US Senate resolution to end US military assistance for its war in Yemen as “interference in its own internal affairs.”
  • While Syria - where Christianity has been present for 2,000 years - prepares for Christmas, Saudi Arabia wants to remind the world that it still maintains a ban on Christianity & Christmas trees. Let’s keep selling weapons to this backwards regime though.
  • Buzzfeed News dedicates an entire piece about racist jihadists selling black Africans in open air slave markets in Libya, but conveniently fails to mention that this is happening thanks to Obama, Hillary and their NATO buddies’ “humanitarian” intervention.