Saturday, December 22, 2018

Goodbye and good riddance to Brett and his Blue Balls

Oh, look, professional liar Jay Carney.

Actually, after he clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist in 2001, McGurk was appointed by George W. Bush to be special assistant to the president and senior director at the NSC for Iraq & Afghanistan. He served under both Bush and Obama. Like Bob Gates.

Poor, Jay, he used to get to lie daily when he presided over press briefings.

Now he just gets to lie on Twitter.

No fan of Donald but the president is correct.

Barack appointed Brett to his current position in 2015.  That's what Donald was Tweeting about.

If Jay wanted to be honest, he'd note that Brett was a neocon.

If he wanted to be honest, he'd note that Brett's failure as Barack's nominee to be the US Ambassador to Iraq was torpedoed by Democrats in the Senate.  That's why Barack had to pull the nomination -- to save his ass from public humiliation.

Gonna talk about that little, Jay Carney?

Of course not, you're adult life is all about being the house slave for Barack Obama, lying for him, spinning for him.

 From June 7, 2012, this is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Standing Behind McGurk"

standing behind mcgurk
Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts "Standing Behind McGurk."  White House spokersperson Jay Carney declares, "We continue to stand behind Brett McGurk."  David Plouffe adds, "Mainly because if we stood in front of him, we're scared he'd _____ us."  Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts.

Brett McGurk is a piece of trash on every level.

No one should be upset that he's leaving.

And, yes, Donald's right there too.  Brett was already going to leave in 2019.  That's two weeks away.  He's trying to get attention yet again.

Brett's been whoring again by the way, there's no bigger slut than Brett McGurk.

Sucks to be Gina Chon.

But, hey, Gina, you were married and so was Brett when you two were screwing in Iraq.  You both left your spouses.  Did you really think Brett would keep it in his pants for you when he couldn't before?

You get what you marry, Gina.  Let's hope that doesn't include a social disease.

From June 10, 2012, Isaiah's "Ambassador to Swingtown."

ambassador to swingtown

Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts "Ambassador to Swingtown."  Nominee for US Ambassador to Iraq Brett McGurk insists, "If confirmed as ambassador, both my assistant Hugh Hefner and myself will address Iraq's most pressing problem.  Blue balls."  A woman parts the beads to ask, "Brett, baby, can we all fit on the water bed?"  Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts.

This does matter.

And Democratic senators grasped that it did.

Barack wanted to make Brett the Ambassador.  That would have made the US Embassy off limits to Iraqi women.

Democratic senators grasped that (led by one who chose not run for re-election).

You can't put horn dog Brett -- the man who bragged about Gina giving him "blue balls" -- in that position and not cut Iraqi women off from the embassy for fear of being called infidels or worse.

Barack pulled the nomination.  He pouted a bit and created a post for Brett -- Hillary was also on Brett's side but she's always loved a man who can take advantage of women -- her husband Bill, Patrick Kennedy at the State Dept, Anthony Weiner, Burns Strider, Harvey Weinstein,  Thomas Alfred Taylor, Jeffrey Epstein, Little Philly Reines  . . .

Brett did nothing in the post but stir up more trouble.

Sunnis don't like him, never have.  Kurds can't stand him, never could.  And outside of State of Law, no, Shi'ite politicians cared for him.

In fact, some Shi'ites actively spoke against him when Barack tried to make him the Ambassador to Iraq.

Funny how the media ignores that -- or are they all like Jay Carney with their lips pressed against Barack's taint?

Brett did nothing to defeat ISIS.  He gave a lot of speeches.  He was supposed to bring this and that but failed just like he failed to put together any real treaties or agreements.

Brett favored the Iraq War, he's a War Hawk and a neocon.

Because Barack buddied up to him, all of that was supposed to no longer matter.

It matters.

It even mattered to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL that Gina Chon allowed Brett to vet her copy, to shape and edit it before she turned it in for publication.  He was a US official determined to lie for the Bully Boy Bush administration about the Iraq War -- to pretend it was going well.  She wanted his cock and apparently the only way she could get it was to do what he told her.  So she did.  And later, after they were married, when THE WALL STREET JOURNAL found out what she'd done as their employee, they fired her.

Because of Brett, Gina lost a job.  Now that he'll be home more, it'll be harder for him to hide the extra marital affairs and harder for Gina to pretend to her friends that she doesn't know about the affairs.  When you think of all the bad reporting that came out of the Green Zone, the fact that reporters were having a lot of sex?  It really doesn't compensate for all the bad reporting.

Brett was a failure in every way.

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