Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Some Tweets from Abby Martin

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    Is Trump really an anti-interventionist? From "bombing the hell" out of civilians, to ramping-up brutal sanctions, to becoming Arms Salesman-In-Chief––our new series shows how he's been a gift to the war machine.
  • The Iraq War woke me up to the horrific extent of US atrocities & cover-up by its corporate media machine. I remain stunned after so much carnage & destruction, the architects & agitators are heralded as intellectuals instead of shamed as war criminals. Empire rots from within
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    "A year in Iraq taught me that we have far more in common with the people we’re sent to occupy than the politicians, officers, CEOs and media moguls who send us to war. They tell us our enemies are 1000s of miles away, but our real enemies are right here at home."
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    A paralyzed Iraq war veteran's last words to George W. Bush
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    Don’t miss ’s talk at Sonoma’s Social Justice Week about the corporate media manufacturing consent for Trump’s coup
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    Save your sanctimonious heartbreak for the multigenerational carnage that you and yours caused in the Muslim world.
  • Bolton & US puppet Guaido urged Venezuela’s military to defect w/ promises of amnesty. After they were no longer useful, they’ve been kicked out, given maps w/ nowhere to go 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Ghoulish war criminal Elliot Abrams falls over himself trying to explain how Guaido is president even though his illegal “interim presidency” expired after 30 days
  • Women in the LA area, join me at this awesome political conference on Saturday: