Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Some Tweets from Rania Khalek

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    The Iraq war architects are trying to rewrite history about the horrors they inflicted. Don’t let them. Did you know that in some Iraq cities today there are birth defects higher than those seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the US nuked them?

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    In last 24 hrs Israeli forces: -executed 3 Palestinians -demolished school in Shuafat refugee camp -arrested 11 Palestinians in pre-dawn raids -demolished 2 homes & confiscated water tank & solar panels in S Hebron Hills -opened fire at Palestinian fishers in Gaza & detained 2
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    Una explicación rápida y furiosa sobre los métodos del imperio para lanzar guerras contra países que intentan conducir su destino apartados de los intereses norteamericano ...

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    Perfect, again. Thanks.

  • “There is now a situation in Germany in which speaking out for equal rights of people is considered an antisemitic act.” Same trend has been happening in the US and UK. If you support equality for Jews and Palestinians in Israel/Palestine, you’re smeared as a bigot.
  • In Germany the children and grandchildren of Nazi officers are smearing anti-racist Jews as anti-semites for being insufficiently pro-Israel
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    Listen to Black women. Trust Black Women. Unless they're to my Left, in which case they don't have politics, but pathology. But listen to me, a white guy who hates Sanders, about how Sanders should hire a white woman who hates him because that would be very good for his campaign.

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    Joe Biden's warm eulogy for white supremacist Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond is appalling and should be disqualifying. Thurmond was so toxic that Trent Lott was booted from the Republican leadership for praising him, yet Biden went further and treated Thurmond as an anti-racist hero.

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      The corporate wing of the Dem Party is at it again: attacking the left, embracing neocons & trying to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination. They’re making the same mistakes as 2016. Let’s hope this time the progressives win or we’re all screwed
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      On the 16th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, here's a reminder of the Democratic U.S. Senators who voted "yae" to authorizing the horrific war and occupation.
    3. Is there anyone who Bernie Sanders hired that centrists approve of? Because that’s what’s most important here, the approval of people who are dedicated to making sure Sanders doesn’t win.
    4. These centrists are always insisting Bernie has a race and gender problem (he doesn’t) and he isn’t connected enough to black people and women. Then they turn around and attack , a black woman hired by Bernie Sanders. They don’t play by their own ID politics rules!
    5. So now they’re attacking the black woman Bernie Sanders hired, nice look you guys. The centrist bros
    6. she lives in NYC, where not voting HRC didn’t make a difference. I think you know this

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      Jim Crow 2.0

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      He was arrested at a Georgia mall for allegedly selling his mixtape to shoppers
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      Re Atlantic piece about David Sirota: If had contacted us before publication we could have corrected the reporting error in advance. David's last piece for us was end of December. The first contact he had from Sanders was mid January.
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      To me, that complete, blatant reversal is way more unethical and consequential than what Sirota's alleged to have done. You won't see any of the folks taking a brave stand for Ethics In Campaign Journalism calling out J. Smith or J. Valenti for what they did. There's a reason.
    11. Ironic how in the article Yglesias thinks makes David Sirota look bad, Sirota actually lays out what centrists are currently doing to him. It’s a really great article

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      “The middle class’s survival should not be contingent on the unceasing expansion of U.S. military power; and, in the long run, it simply cannot be.”

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      New book says the Gehlen organization -- the CIA's Cold War-era Nazi spy ring -- aided Israel's Mossad in 1967
    14. It is incredibly fitting that this billionaire is leading the fight against socialism. In the past it was politicians funded by billionaires. In 2019 the lines are much more clear

    15. Israel successfully pressured Germany to revoke the visa of a Palestinian woman who was tortured and RAPED by Israeli soldiers. Congratulations to Germany for silencing a survivor of rape and torture. How very of you
    16. Its funny how they call accurately reporting on Corey Booker’s defense of Bain Capital and Kamala Harris’s ties to big donors as if these FACTS are equivalent to vicious name-calling. Stating FACTS does not = attacks
    17. This article complains that Bernie Sanders new hire, , is somehow bad and underhanded because he accurately described and repeated on the corruption of pro-corporate presidential candidates running for dem nominee. What a pathetic hit piece