Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren tackle real issues this morning

Hours away from the 16th anniversary of the start of the never-ending Iraq War.

16 years today since the start of the Iraq war & continuation of endless. We have learned nothing as propaganda again fuels lies, this time to stir up conflict in Venezuela, democrats are trumpeting for Trump & intervention.

And there are people who want to be president -- they say they want to, they've declared that they are running.

But only two have Tweeted anything today that addresses how much we and others suffer from these endless wars.

Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren have their thinking caps on.

  1. “So you ask what I will change? I will change our priorities so we stop wasting trillions of our dollars on wasteful counterproductive wars and dedicate them to taking care of the urgent needs of our communities across this country.”

The already has a huge budget – and now it’s using a gimmick to request $165 billion more than the amount allowed by law. It’s time to stop saying yes to more, more, more. We have to make smarter investments in our security and re-invest here at home.

Warren's clip above notes the exchange I mentioned in Friday's snapshot that we will be picking up later this week in a snapshot.

The others?  I didn't just check the six women running for the presidential nomination.  I also checked Bernie, Beto and Julian.  Not seeing any leadership.  When trillions have gone into Iraq, don't pretend that hasn't harmed the US. 

If you can't address these endless wars in even a Tweet maybe you shouldn't be running for president?

Then again, maybe they're all waiting until the actual chiming of the clock to hand over their presents? 

We shall see.

In the meantime, grasp that there are real Iraq issues.

Pompeo plans to designate 's IRGC & some Iraqi Shiite militias as foreign terrorist orgs. It means direct military confrontation with Iran & even attacking IRGC positions which are mostly inside Iran. Basically war! Possible on paper but practically?

  1. U.S. Pressures Iraq Over Embrace of Militias Linked to Iran

Their silence isn't just ignoring the anniversary, it's ignoring what's going on right now.

The White House issued the following yesterday:

Vice President Mike Pence spoke today with Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi of the Republic of Iraq. The two leaders discussed opportunities to advance the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Iraq, including continuing to work together to strengthen and professionalize Iraq’s Security Forces and grow Iraq’s economy. Vice President Pence welcomed news of Iraq’s recent economic and trade agreements with Jordan and the Prime Minister’s upcoming travel as major steps towards Iraq’s reintegration in the region after the territorial defeat of ISIS. Prime Minister Abd al-Mahdi also updated the Vice President on the Iraqi government’s efforts to exhume the mass graves of ISIS’s genocide against Yazidis in Sinjar and the Prime Minister conveyed that he would personally investigate security and economic impediments noted by the Vice President as preventing the return of many of Iraq’s religious components and other displaced persons.