Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baghdad protest

"No, No, to America! No, No, to the devil!" Al Jazeera reports protestors chanted in Baghdad today over the proposed treaty between the White House and puppet of the occupation, Nouri al-Maliki. The protestorts were followers of Moqtada al-Sadr and they want the US out of their country now and they want the treaty rejected. A message from al-Sadr read to the crowd also called for the treaty to be rejected. From the article, this is Abdulhay Yahya Zalloum speaking:

"It is not only al-Sadr that is opposed to this so-called security pact ... the Christian community, at least a big chunk of it, as well as most of the Sunni community oppose it too.
"Very recently the Sunni community declared that it is against Islam to have any security pact with the United States.
"We have to realise that, firstly, the United States came uninvited and, secondly, this so-called draft has been negotiated while 150,000 American troops plus contractors, 50,000 of them at least, are still in Iraq.
"Thirdly, it is a government that was actually chosen by the Americans, therefore when you have a country under occupation with pseudo-indepence, you don't expect that the terms would be to the best interests of Iraq."

On the same topic, Hussein Kadhim and Corinne Reilly's "Thousands rally in Iraq against proposed U.S troop deal" (McClatchy Newspapers) reports:

At Saturday's demonstration, which remained peaceful, both Shiite and Sunni Muslims condemned the draft agreement. Some chanted, "No, no to the occupier." Others carried signs telling American troops to "get out of my country."
Sadr has long criticized the American presence here and his followers regularly demonstrate against the U.S. occupation, though Saturday's rally was far larger than most.
"We want the occupier to leave without conditions," said one Shiite demonstrator, Jabar Kareem. "All Iraqi people reject this treaty."

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