Saturday, October 18, 2008

NYT: Thommy and Stevie take it to the Boom-Boom Room

In today's New York Times, Thom Shanker and Steven Lee Myers jerk one another off and call the mess "Draft of Iraq Deal Sets U.S. Pullout by End of 2011, With Some Flexibility." To call this garbage reporting is to stretch the term as much as Shanker and Myers apparently 'stretched' one another.

A circle-jerk may be fun for the participatns (I have no idea) but it's no treat for the rest of us to watch.

The New York Times had no story filed from Iraq yesterday and has none filed from Iraq today. Shanker and Myers grabbed a Motel 6 near DC for their little romp.

Like two good little WHORES Shanker and Myers agree to what their John wants. Their John wanted the story written as is -- 100% GARBAGE -- and they agreed to but probably said, "It'll cost you double." I'm sure both WHORES were paid well.

The State Dept provided the paper with a copy of the draft. The State Dept imposed rules for the article. Shanker and Myers were happy to agree.

Someone inform general-studies majors Shanker and Myers that they are not Constitutional experts and they can nuzzle as many officials crotches as they want on their own damn time, but while pretending to be reporters for a newspaper, they better damn well do their job. This isn't reporting, it's undermining the Constitution and we're stopping there because I'm about to start tossing out the f-word and much more.

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