Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ben Tweets

Civil Rights Leader and activist (and former NAACP president) Ben Jealous is supporting Bernie Sanders in the battle for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  • Join me in Seaside, CA this Saturday evening to discuss !
  • Praying for the pilots, passengers and crew of the missing flight and their families.
  • Thanks for your presentation at today. Valuable and helpful.
  • There's a need for a national mandate around diversity in tech -
  • Fmr President summarizes 's record fighting racism.
  • Amen. I have refrained from criticizing . But on tonite she did real harm to our party.
  • THIS
  • Keep fighting the good fight for good food!
  • "I need to be a lover, not a fighter." Jack Jealous (3 years old)