Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shaun Tweets

Justice activist, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS journalist and truth teller Shaun King Tweets:

  1. Excellent piece by ! This is not a true democracy when money rules
  2. Why isn't anybody talking about ? The 22-year old mother who died in police custody in Texas?
  3. What happened to ? We want to know.
  4. These places have taken too many of our sisters. Stand up:
  5. . died in a Texas jail — and her family wants answers
  6. As keeps avoiding 's death, is the latest Black Woman lost in custody.
  7. Following brutal car accident, died in police custody after 2 weeks of "gross negligence."
    Pop Culture. Satire. News.
  8. Texas woman dies in police custody after two weeks of 'gross negligence'
  9. Awards day!
  10. Florida's indicted for lying to grand jury about systemic excessive force
  11. The purpose of super delegates is supposedly to pick the more electable candidate. So by not switching to Bernie, what's their actual role?
  12. Seth Meyers has a message for Hillary voters: Bernie is not hurting your candidate
  13. Only news to report the shooting was: . Here's the news coverage of what happened.
    Shots were fired into Bernie's Nevada campaign office
    The bullet hole was found on the same day that Sanders had been doing media interviews in the very same office. Also, apartment housing complex of Bernie's campaign staff was broken into & ransacked.