Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bernie Tweets

US Senator Bernie Sanders is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  • Tune in live to , California here:
  • Thank you to my brothers and sisters at UNITE HERE! and SEIU in San Francisco for standing against corporate greed!
    UNITE HERE! and SEIU Rally in San Francisco | Bernie Sanders
  • Kentucky, thank you for the tremendous support that led to last night's virtual tie! We are in this until the last ballot is counted.
  • . just stopped by the UNITE LIVE Local 2, janitors' union, SEIU Local 87 protest in downtown SF
  • Washington rescató a Goldman Sachs y a Wall St de su bancarrota. El Pueblo de Puerto Rico es más importante que ellos. Debemos actuar YA.
  • I will be damned if we let the Republican Party win the working class.
    Working Class Americans | Bernie Sanders
    I come from the working class of this country, and I will be damned if we allow the Republican Party, who represent the rich and powerful, to win the votes of working class Americans.
  • I have been attacked for saying this, so let me say it again: I believe health care is a right, not a privilege.
  • A historic moment for the United States as the first openly-gay leader of any U.S. military service. Congratulations, Eric Fanning.
  • I’ve said it since day one: I can’t do this alone. This campaign isn’t about me. This campaign is about us.
  • The Democratic Party has to make an important decision and I say to them: Open the doors. Let the people in!
    The Democratic Party Has to Make A Decision | Bernie Sanders
  • Oregon, together we are taking on virtually all of the Democratic establishment. Thank you for the strong victory!