Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tim Tweets

Actor, activist and director Tim Robbins is supporting Bernie Sanders in the battle for the 
Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  • Tonight is Pay-What-You-Can night at come out and see 'Harlequino: On to Freedom.'
  • Barbara Boxer claimed to fear for her safety at the NV Convention. What does she look like to you?
  • Our country should be investing in jobs and education for our young people, not more jails and incarceration.
  • While MSM talk about fictional chairs being thrown here is what they are not saying.
  • How to vote for if you are registered No Party Preference in California.
  • So we have the whole on tape, no chairs thrown, cops issued no arrests for violence, yet media runs with unfounded claims.
  • CNN been talking about violent Sanders' supporters all day. Can they show video of one assault or chair thrown? Not one!
  • Because our earth cannot take any more of this nonsense.
  • Harlequino: On to Freedom Only SIX performances left! Thursdays are Pay-What-You-Can! Tix & info:
  • Everyone was last night in Carson, California waiting for to speak
  • The Democratic Party has to make an important decision and I say to them: Open the doors. Let the people in!
    The Democratic Party Has to Make A Decision | Bernie Sanders