Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Facebook codifies its censorship regime

From WSWS:

Facebook, the world’s largest social media company, spelled out for the first time the criteria it uses to censor speech on its platform, purely at its own discretion, and with no legal oversight or recourse.
Its “community guidelines” are so sweeping and broad that effectively any statement expressing any critical political view can be constrained as violent, defamatory, “extremist,” “bullying” or—in the most sweeping catchall—“fake news,” and flagged for removal or undetectable censorship.
These “community guidelines” are used by the 20,000 in Facebook’s “security” and “moderation” departments—constituting the absolute majority of the company’s employees—to shape political discourse and block content the massive and unaccountable technology monopoly deems objectionable.
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SEP and IYSSE hold meeting on war, the class struggle and the fight against Internet censorship 

Several workers addressed the conference and expressed the growing opposition among broad layers of the working class to capitalism and the pro-corporate trade unions.

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