Sunday, April 22, 2018

On the streets of Baghdad

So much spin, so little reality. 

Liberal Bookworm Jim nails it.

What is this myth that all the presidents before Trump were good? People are tweeting ‘I disagreed with what some of them did, but they acted in accordance with their values, and for America’, etc. Does no one remember the neocons, the exploitation of 9/11, and the Iraq War?

They were crooks.  One crook after another, that is the American tradition.

The US press tradition is to lie and then lie again.  Over and over.  Elections are scheduled to be held May 12th in Iraq so that's the only story that the US press can manage.

If they weren't so busy selling the myth of 'liberation' and 'democracy' in Iraq, the might be able to tell you just how bad things are getting.

For example, in eastern Baghdad today a corpse was discovered dumped in the streets.

Why does that matter?

Whenever dead bodies start showing up on the streets of Baghdad, that's a sign things are getting worse, much worse.

If anyone is paying attention, this is something to be alarmed by.

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