Saturday, April 28, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

  1. Demand justice for the victims of May 2, 2014 in Odessa, Ukraine. Protest in NYC on Wednesday, May 2.
  2. I'm a couple of weeks late with my reporting but thousands of people in the U.S. came out to protest U.S. wars of aggression. You can see it all here.
  3. May 2 is the 4th anniversary of a massacre carried out by fascists in Odessa, Ukraine. Plan a vigil, even a photo showing words of solidarity. Let us know about it at
  4. you'll see my thoughts on , interviews on Syria and dismal human rights in the U.S. Plus and a column. Check it out. You won't be sorry.
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    Reminder which loves joy Reid has been flooded with people posting pics of trump & putin having sex, saying he sucks putins dick & thinking “it’s funny” & acceptable...those same want us to forget about her homophobia & “just resist”....liberals are trash
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    Regarding Syrian witnesses who testified at the OPCW former UK amb to said: "Anyone w/ half a brain could see that these are credible witnesses but admittedly half a brain is setting the bar very high for most British parliamentarians & most British polit. commentators" 😂
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    Replying to 
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    The British Army went on a rampage in Dublin on this day in 1916. Going door to door shooting and bayoneting Irish civilians to death. Known as the ‘North King Street massacre’ 17 people were murdered in total.
  9. I don’t like . But this hacking/not hacking episode is so stupid that I can’t even gloat. She is the only hack in this story.
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    Black Activists Targeted By the Colombian State. 30 black Colombians, many of them from Proceso de Comunidades Negras are being detained by the Colombian govt.
  11. An American take on
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    Democrats Prepare to Pimp the Left Again in 2018 and 2020 | Bruce Dixon Lefty Dems like and the lower ranking troops will be pimped by Dems again in 2018 and 2020 and discarded afterward. It's an old story.
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    Green Party's Jill Stein: Russiagate Being Exploited to Repress Leftist Opposition I spoke with after she completed turning her campaign materials to the Senate Intelligence Committee. She warns Russiagate is being used to silence dissent.
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    Jill Stein completes handing over documents to Senate Committee. Issues statement supporting corruption probe, while decrying misuse of “Russiagate” for warmongering, censorship and political repression. Calls for Emergency Commission to defend elections.
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    Exciting waiting at Lunar House - immigration HQ - as Albert Thompson (who now he's no longer in hiding in own country, wants to use actual name Sylvester Marshall) met staff who took 2 hours to rule he wasn't an illegal - after 9 yrs of hell