Saturday, July 21, 2018

Iraqis still wait for the world to support their protests

  1. In case u missed it: Large scale protests have been going on in southern recently. This powerful sign sums up the demands of the demonstrators: Revolution of the poor. Electricity. Water. Bread.

Protests continue in Iraq.  The people are asking for the basic needs.  Instead of delivering what's needed to fulfill these needs, prime minister Hayder al-Abadi sicks the military on them.  Noting the internet blackout Hayder's imposed, OIL PRICE observes:

No blackout undertaken by the Iraqi government, however, has been as intrusive as this one. This is not about ISIS, or pricing—or potentially cheating students. This is out masses of protesters who have valid grievances. They are protesting the fact that the massive oil wealth of the Basra region isn’t trickling down to the people—to the point that there is even a lack of potable water. They are also protesting the proportion of jobs handed in the oil industry to locals as opposed to foreigners.

Again, instead of meeting the needs, the people are attacked.  RUDAW reports:

Two people were killed in protests in southern Iraq on Friday evening.

"The casualties of the protests that many provinces witnessed today increased to two dead, one of them in Diwaniya and the other in Najaf. And 45 were injured, most of whom were members of the security forces," the spokesperson for Iraq's ministry of health, Sayf Badir, told al-Sumaria news.

Badir added that most of the injured had received treatment in hospital and been discharged.

The approximately 20-year-old man killed in Diwaniya was shot by a guard from the Badr organization during a demonstration outside of the Iran-backed group’s local headquarters, AFP reported.

This brings to ten the total of deaths in nearly two weeks of protests that have rocked southern Iraq.

The killing continues.

Security forces Chasing the protesters in Iraq to disperse them last night

After this goes up, my review of a book will.  I made the mistake of saying I'd write about it.  I'll make that mistake again, I'm sure.  Next time, if the book is so badly written it's practically unreadable, I'm just going to break my promise.

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