Saturday, July 21, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    Thanks to the sacrifices of Syria’s Army, Syrian Christian children from the Latin Parish Church Camp in liberated Aleppo can escape the heat of summer and enjoy a beautiful, peaceful day at the pool.
  • Nikki Haley lectures us about “the world’s most inhumane regimes” while of course conveniently forgetting to mention that Saudi Arabia, a member of the UN Human Rights Council, is currently committing genocide in Yemen with the full backing of her government.
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    Gotta love how these Hillary-bots blame everyone for Hillary's election loss... except Hillary? 🤔😂 And apparently, Hillary is a "very good woman"...was that before or after she armed Al Nusra in Syria, brought slavery to Libya, and endorsed Saudi Arabia's genocide in Yemen?
  • And yet, these very same intelligence agencies that lied to us about Syria now expect us to believe their Russia propaganda without question. Please. 🙄
  • Putin: “There are powerful people in the US who steer the entire country on the path of confrontation with Russia.”
  • John McCain doesn’t like it when anyone is critical of the military alliance which laid waste to Libya and brought his slave-selling jihadist buddies to power. Of course.
  • Hey Mike. Remember when you made that documentary all those years ago about US intelligence services and mainstream media lying to get us into an illegal war? Good times.
  • Tucker: The people yelling the loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy, and Trump is their puppet, are the very same people who’ve been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past two decades. The people who invaded Iraq. The people who prolonged the war in Syria.
  • Nelson Mandela wouldn’t have sanctioned over 500,000 children to death in Iraq and then unashamedly said it was “worth it” on national television.
  • Says a man who lied about Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine all throughout his presidency. Does the absurdity ever end?
  • Oh, I don’t know. How about the Bush administration invading Iraq based on lies and bringing devastation to one of the most ancient regions of the world? Ring any bells Garry?
  • Arming Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and then parading around in the media like you were backing “freedom fighters” in a “democratic revolution” is one of the most disgraceful performances by an American senator in memory.
  • “Just 15 years after Iraq was destroyed, it is now ‘treason’ to question the word of the Western intelligence agencies, which deliberately and knowingly produced a fabric of lies on Iraqi WMD to justify that destruction.”
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    Dude literally made a documentary about how American intelligence agencies lied about Iraq in order to start a catastrophic war.
  • Ron Paul: “Trump-Putin meeting is a step in the right direction.”
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    A day will come when we'll look back at all the "Russian meddling" conspiracy theorists and despise their stupidity the way we look back and despise all those "trustworthy" media outlets, politicians, intelligence agencies that were so sure Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction".
  • Can’t think anything more treasonous than funneling billions of dollars in guns and heavy weapons to fanatical jihadists who seek to erase Christianity in the Middle East. And that’s exactly what you did, John.
  • Nowhere on CNN or the BBC: Syrian children of the Latin Parish Church camp peacefully enjoying their summer and going back to their normal lives everyday in Syria’s Aleppo. Not one ISIS or Al-Qaeda jihadist in sight.