Sunday, December 30, 2018


Let's start with this:

Good for Lindsey.  He is correct.

By the way, what is with CNN's non-stop blonds?  I thought people made fun of FOX NEWS for having blonds.  But anytime I turn on CNN, it's another blond woman.  (I never turn on FOX NEWS.)

hey new corruption when I heard your choosing a members family ISIS for Ministry of education in new cabinet of Iraq,I was death from laugh, what is wrong with your why you are do that, at near future we protact all citizens in Iraq and Kurdistan / FREE IRAQI FORCES

We covered this topic Saturday in "Iraq's prime minister nominated the sister of ISIS to his Cabinet and Parliament confirmed her."  Suadad al-Salhy (ARAB NEWS) explains, " The scandal is the latest blow to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi who has still not completed his Cabinet amid deep divisions between the Parliament’s main political blocs over the key positions.  Shaima Khalil Al-Hayali was approved by Parliament last week to head the Education Ministry but had not yet taken the ministerial oath."

This is Laith Khalil Al-Hayali he is a longtime [ISIS] supporter and a brother to the new Iraqi Education Minister Dr Shaima Khalil Al-Hayali. Here he is on Amaq TV from Mosul praising ISIS during ISIS control

0:28 / 1:07


One would assume video like that would have been unearthed by the prime minister during his selection process.

Speaking of stupidity . . .

DOUBLE RISKING NATIONAL SECURITY By: Dr. Israel Romero, JD (International Jurist), PhD An incognito trip to Iraq without informing U.S. Congress, allied countries, and close members of his cabinet, is both, gross irresponsibility by the president and illegal.

Illegal?  He really needs to learn the law.

Really needs to learn it.

Especially since he's a convicted felon.

He illegally ran for office recently.  Noting that his doctorate was apparently made up, USA TODAY also revealed that he had a felony conviction in 2008 and that the state he ran in has a law preventing anyone from running for public office when they have been convicted of a felony in the last 15 years.

One day after that report, non-Doctor Romero announced he was dropping out as a candidate but would not speak about his felony conviction:

“I am really withdrawing because I do have some illness problems and I’m in treatment and that’s why,” Romero said before hanging up.

Maybe he should focus on getting treatment?

How very sad.

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