Monday, December 31, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

  1. I meant to say executed for carrying a toy gun.
  2. Help with Nicholas Heyward Sr. Funeral Cost His 13-year old son Nicholas Heyward Jr. was killed by NYPD in 1994. Executed for carrying a gun. The crooked Brooklyn DA made no effort to prosecute. The Heywards never got justice. Please contribute if you can.
  3. Please read and watch everything you see about the Integrity Initiative. The UK government is undermining democracy.
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    “The argument that the US has defeated ISIS is ludicrous...No one on Capitol Hill asks: Who armed ISIS? Who trained ISIS? Who financed ISIS? Who bought ISIS oil? And who gave logistical support to ISIS?” I analysed the American presence in :
  5. "My father was a slave, and I have cousins who are sharecroppers, and I do not see my success in terms of myself." testimony before . Read it all. Start the new year off right.
  6. What black people should say when asked to denounce anyone. "You are responsible, and your forebears, for sixty million to one hundred million black people dying in the slave ships and on the plantations..." Paul Robeson HUAC testimony, read it all.
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    Thank you for sharing this article, she knows full well the dangers of creeping totalitarianism and thank you as well to for your dedication to raise awareness
  8. Free Julian Assange!
  9. Happy New Year to and to all those unjustly imprisoned.
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    Has anyone ever done a study on the impact of studying slavery and slave culture on the mental health of historians?
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    So, I laid Harry to rest today in very small, private celebration of life. There were words, wine, laughter and love. The beauty of human beings is we are as ephemeral as a shooting star.
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    Brilliant woman.
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    A good listen as ever.
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    Listen to Russiagate: The Scam That Will Not Die by Black Agenda Radio on In this week’s Black Agenda Radio I talked to ⁦⁩ about why will not be allowed to disappear.
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    Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many thanks to everyone standing up for my son Julian this year & for your kind messages of support to him & his family. Look what you all did this year! fever to : The biggest hashtags of 2018
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    Really excellent interview!
  17. I discussed it all here with
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    Replying to 
    It's also how they deflect from any criticism. Anytime someone criticizes Dems they accuse us of spreading Russian propaganda or being Russian bots. They are already doing this now, so it'll be even worse for 2020.
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    Interesting to watch how liberal corporate press - the real manipulators of democracy - present & frame opportunist democrats for the next round of "selections." Narrow - minded visionless hacks like Biden, Harris & Booker are transformed into thinkers with actual ideas.
  20. They won't let Russiagate die. They can't. It gets the dems off the hook for losing in 2016. They get buy in for censorship and endless war. They create a permanent enemy. That won't change in 2019 and they'll definitely beat the dead horse in 2020.
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    The people responding to you are severe sufferers of TDS, CIA brainwashing and have this on their mantles.
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    watch the 20 minute video on the patreon page. Margaret's an important voice
  23. Give to Margaret! Only one day left! Not really. But help a sister out. I’ll start out 2019 a little happier. Thank you.
  24. The successfully prevented a deportation flight from leaving the UK to Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. They were convicted of terrorism. Sentencing in February.
  25. Um, what was this about? Why blackface?
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    Also, can we focus this love of the Obama’s on getting Barack to sign a CBA before his library displaces southside residents.
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    This piece ends with explicit reference to David Sirota’s (entirely factual) reporting. So it very much seems the demand here is that journalists stop scrutinizing the records of people potentially seeking the most powerful office in the world.
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    Also, god bless NBC for using language in this tweet they’d usually apply to a dissident faction causing upheaval in a State Department-backed dictatorship
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    Yet its Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, and Nicaragua who are demonized and targeted? Perhaps its because it has nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with attacking countries who stand against economic exploitation and neoliberalism.
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    Think about whats being said here: folks like this are demanding a senator use his position to order reporters to stop scrutinizing government officials. Dont bewail fascism & a war on the press if you're demanding government officials use their power to shut down reporting.
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    Would really like you to read the 44th newsletter from , a summary of our broad understanding of the current situation & sets out part of our research agenda, . Let us know what you think. I'm always available at
  32. Let’s not use PayPal.
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    Poland, Czech Republica, Germany all fighting over cheap Ukrainian labor. Brutal. Gotta move further and further east — beyond the EU — in search of an cheap, exploitable workforce.
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    At least 4.6 million Ukrainians—"25 percent of Ukraine’s economically active population"—lives & works abroad legally or illegally. The actual number is likely higher. Capitalism is working.
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    Not only have the "right wing" media shared details of my home address along with a photo of my home to all & sundry. These imbeciles sharing the picture seem redundant to the potential danger...
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    Formerly progressive Mother Jones is using a completely bogus story generated by a Silicon Valley-funded “false flag” disinformation campaign to raise money for more Russiagate coverage. Any word on this from ?
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    Former President of Ecuador Rafael : US Vice President Mike Pence visited . Ecuador agreed to hand over Julian Assange to US As the political cost of taking him from the Embassy is too high, they plan to break him down mentally instead
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    You have seen the positions the Black Alliance for Peace takes & you know the work we are involved in like campaign to shut down the U.S. Africa Command & closing down NATO. If you support our independent, grassroots orientation please support us today:
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    The Obama administration justified a war on Syria for less human death than here, and can you imagine if this was the Russians. The moral hypocrisy of the West and the U.S. in particular is incredible.
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    Welcome to the club. NYTimes is legend for stealing other journalists' labor. They feel its their entitled right.
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    So many wheels. So much falling: MSM channels caught using literally the same phrase to refer to resignation of Mattis
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    Will someone make a list of impressionable 'journalists' fabricating the Bernie/Beto smear? They're carrying water for the dark persuaders of American opinion. Out them. Ignore them. Let me start: Jonathan Allen, Alex Seitz-Wald, Jonathan Chait