Friday, March 18, 2005

3 Things on BuzzFlash you shouldn't miss

Are you checking BuzzFlash? (Remember GOP Hypocrite of the Week will go up this evening.)

If you're not, here's some of what you're missing.

1) LANGUAGE WARNING for this link -- if workplace guidelines are strict . . .
"Mullet Fantasies of Neighborhood Gays:"
BuzzFlash Note: Last week BuzzFlash had the pleasure to see Margaret Cho's new show, Assassin (see full calendar of shows). We've been selling her DVD of Revolution and expected a good show, but it was great. As the Chicago Tribune review of that night's show said, "[Margaret displayed] a more aggressive political bent than in past shows... [and] scorched the right without toning down her naughty nature."
Margaret sent us an excerpt of the show to share with BuzzFlash Readers and an MP3 from the show about her conversation with Howard Stern. Enjoy, and see the show when it comes to
your town.

2) "Rep. Sanders Sponsors Bill To Prevent Government Censorship of Cable T.V. and Internet Content:"

WASHINGTON - Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced the introduction of legislation to prevent the government from censoring the content on popular cable T.V. shows and Internet websites. Sanders' proposal is in response to recently approved House legislation increasing Federal Communication Commission (FCC) "indecency" fines for broadcast television and radio. The Senate is considering companion legislation and some in the Senate have proposed imposing these same "indecency" regulations on programming provided over cable, satellite, and the Internet. If this proposal were adopted, Americans would be unable to view popular shows like The Sopranos and The Daily Show or would only be able to watch them late at night.
Sanders said, "There is a growing culture of censorship in this country that needs to be ended. First they went after broadcast television and radio and now they want to censor cable, satellite and the Internet. The bottom line is that government commissars should not be the arbiters of what Americans see and hear, especially over cable, satellite and the Internet -- all of which people have to pay for in order to receive."

3) "FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Files New Lawsuit Challenging the FBI's Retaliation Against Her:"

Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI contract linguist who was terminated in 2002 after becoming a Whistleblower regarding the 9/11 tragedy, today filed the most detailed lawsuit to date outlining her allegations. The Complaint, filed under the Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA), reveals for the first time details surrounding Ms. Edmonds' interactions with a former FBI colleague who raised suspicions by her perceived efforts to recruit the Edmonds into at least two specific Turkish organizations. Also disclosed are the names of those within the FBI who went out of their way to undercut Ms. Edmonds' concerns."With Sibel's prior litigation wrapped in secrecy by the government, this case will reveal for the first time the full extent of wrongdoing by the FBI, drawn entirely from its own internal investigation and unclassified sources," said Roy W. Krieger, of the Washington, D.C. law firm of Krieger & Zaid, PLLC, which specializes in national security cases and represents Edmonds. Anticipating the government's response, Krieger added that "the assertion of the state secrets privilege in this case would be manifestly disingenuous because everything Sibel needs to prove in court in order to win is already stated in her Complaint. Nothing is secret."

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