Thursday, March 17, 2005

Indy Media III: Milwaukee Shelves Tasers; Maine peace activities this weekend, Peace Rally in Hartford, CT Saturday

Over at milwaukee.indymedia, marco has "Milwaukee Police Shelve Tasers Pending A Full Review:"

Jesse Garza at the Sentinel has reported that Milwaukee's one-year Tazer pilot has ended and they're NOT RENEWING. If considered safe after a full review, they might be put back on the streets at a later date but for now, human beings are safe again.

That's the first paragraph. marco provides links throughout the piece and it's worth reading.

Over at Maine Indymedia, Joie has "March 19th Casco Bay Bridges for Peace:"

Two years ago this Saturday we took to the streets, the town commons,and the bridges to protest and to mourn the beginning of a war we hadworked so hard to prevent. Once more we must join together to demandthe end to this war Only when our collective voices become loud enoughwill they be heeded!We will join in simultaneous protest in our own towns and cities todemand an end to the war and occupation now. Between 12 and 2 pm wewill be seen and will be heard!Organize a Bridge for Peace, on a bridge, or on a street corner inyour community and join the network.
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Danbury, CT Independent Media Center has this on a peace rally this weekend:

Bring the Troops Home Now!
Statewide March and Rally
Saturday, March 19th 2005
at 12pm Hartford, CT
"CT United for Peace" and countless sponsoring organizations will rally and march on the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.
There will be peace caravans entering Hartford to meet at the rally in front of the State Armory at 360 Broad Street.
A permitted march will procede through the streets of the working-class neighborhood of Frog Hollow and concludes at Barnard Park, which is where the permitted rally begins at 1:00.12:00 march
Meet at intersection of Capitol and Broad.
March to rally at 1:00 at Barnard Park (South Green) 360 Broad Street Hartford, CT
Contact: Jason at or Meg Scata, 860-347-5488 or