Monday, March 14, 2005

Dallas Sings the Praises of NCR

Dallas: Way back when (December?), you were talking about the BuzzFlash premium NCR CDs.

They're back at BuzzFlash and I decided to buy the premium to support Buzz. They arrived today and on one I'll just say that the title is NCR "The Go F**k Yourself" Special. It's a salute to Dick Cheney and very funny.

NCR is National Corporate Radio. I heard this group (The People Who Do That) on Marty Kaplin's So What Else Is News? last summer. They're a group that spoofs NPR. If you've ever rolled your eyes at NPR's "balance," these CDs will make you laugh.

And for people who say, "Well, spoken word, I like some music on my CDs" -- you get Laura Bush humming "Deep in the Heart of Texas" on the other CD Let Freedom Ring. Besides the treat of "Laura" reading the poetry of the Bully Boy, you get a lot more here. "Embedded" is hilarious and sure to anger anyone reporting from the safety of the Green Zone or any reporter who, when interviewed, says things like, "What we're trying to do there is bring freedom . . ."(Basically, anyone who forgets that they're a reporter and lumps themselves in with the military.) (I heard the Terry Gross interview with the Times reporter. This applies to him.)

And speaking of Terry Fluff, she's hear talking about Bill O'Reilly. And you get Mara Right Wing. Gee, who could that be? Hmm. A Daniel Snorr's here as well, a dottering commentator who sees the one hand and the other and still yet another hand. I'm perplexed as to how why they came up with a character named Daniel Snorr.

You also get a campus report on "Jenna & the Other One." "In an effort to make Homeland Security fun for the whole family, Attorney General John Ashcroft today announced the creation of a new office of Homeland Amusement." That's the lead in to one segment that ends with Ollie North singing "It's an Oil World After All."

You don't want to miss that or the pro-Bush rally organized by "Jenna & the Other One" with chants like "U.S.A. number one! We're going to kill everyone! U.S.A. number one! We're going to kill everyone!

"Who would Jesus bomb? Scott McLellen provides a long list.

"Now that the anti-war movement is down, it's time to kick it. NCR's Mara Rightwing has more
. . ."

They even read "letters" to NCR, just like NPR. One bounty hunter starts off his letter with, "You liberal, commie terrorists just hate our Attorney General because you don't agree with him. And I'm tired of hearing other opinions . . ."

You get teasers like: "Democratic Party changes it's name to Republican Party-lite. Later on All Things Condescended."

It's so dead on true to NPR. I couldn't stop laughing as 'journalists' like Mara perfectly captured all that is wrong with the media. I know Kat usually does the CD reviews but this is a comedy CD so I didn't think I'd be stepping on any toes. When you were talking about the CDs, I wanted to get them but, like many people, I was tapped out due to holiday shopping. If anyone else had to put off buying them, my point is BuzzFlash is offering them again.

You can get both CDs for as low $21 (that includes shipping).