Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sarah Rimer's article is also worth reading in this morning's Times

Sara Rimer's "Professors, in Close Vote, Censure Harvard Leader" is worth reading.
The basics are this, Lawrence Summers got a public rebuke but he gets to keep his job. From her article:

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard approved a resolution on Tuesday expressing a lack of confidence in the leadership of the university's president, Lawrence H. Summers, citing longstanding dissatisfaction with his management style and, to a lesser extent, his remarks in January about women in math and science.
The vote was 218 in favor and 185 opposed, with 18 abstentions.
At an intense and sober meeting, Dr. Summers's supporters accused his opponents of political correctness while his critics emphasized that their concerns had nothing to do with political correctness but were about Dr. Summers's leadership, as well as his remarks concerning a lack of women in science.
Passage of the resolution was largely symbolic because only the Harvard Corporation, which governs the university, has the authority to dismiss the university's

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