Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lineup for The Laura Flanders Show this weekend

It's the community's favorite Air America Radio show, so it gets its own entry (and it deserves it). Here's what's coming up on The Laura Flanders Show (broadcasts live Saturdays and Sundays at 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. est) this weekend:

Is denial and delay the new American Way? We're told victory is near in Iraq. Congress says ‘So what?' to global warming. Military doctors are aiding interrogators at Gitmo. Activist-attorney John Bonifaz on impeaching Bush, whether justice was done in Mississippi's civil rights murder conviction and the DNC's report on the GOP's Jim Crow election tactics in Ohio in 2004. Then, director Alice Wu talks about her film, "Saving Face."

What do evangelicals and gay rights crusaders have in common? Hear Laura's frontline report from Billy Graham’s final crusade and the Gay Pride Weekend in New York City. Guests: Bob Moser, whose article about the religious Right wing, ‘The Crusaders’, was published in Rolling Stone Magazine. Eve Ensler gives an update on how a coalition of individuals and groups, including Gloria Steinem and The Center for Constitutional Rights, are working to make the government shut Gitmo down and how you can get involved on July 4. Dr. Annie Sprinkle discusses her new book, ‘Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular - Makeover Your Love Life’, and how to change the world by facing your fears about sexuality. She will also answer your questions.

Sunday, Eve Ensler will be addressing the protests she discussed last Sunday on The Laura Flanders Show.

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