Saturday, June 25, 2005

Spirit of Justice and Majesty of Law uncovered

Workers at the Justice Department removed the blue drapes that had covered two scantily clad statues for three and one-half years. "Spirit of Justice," with her one breast exposed and her arm raised, and the bare-chested male "Majesty of Law" basked in the afternoon light of the Great Hall. The drapes installed in 2002 at a cost of $8,000 let John Ashcroft, then attorney general, speak in the Great Hall without fear of a breast showing up behind him on television or in newspaper pictures. Paul R. Corts, asistant attorney general for administration, recommended the drapes' removal and Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales signed off on it, a spokesman said. (AP)

From the New York Times' "National Briefing" this morning, A9 (text).

Photo from ~quinnl/newsback.html

J-Ass is gone. His Bullying America tour has ended. Contract riders such as no brown M&Ms, no calico kittens allowed backstage and no art uncovered need no longer be honored. Hopefully fading into the kind of well deserved obscurity that only the conviction on a "morals" charge can break, J-Ass is gone.

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