Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lori highlights the "response" to David Brock's open letter re: book trashing Hillary Clinton

On Monday, Lori e-mailed to highlight David Brock's open letter to Penguin Books president Susan Peterson Kennedy. Now Lori e-mails to advise us to the "response" thus far:

Dear Mr. Brock,
Mrs. Kennedy is currently away from the office. I will bring your letter to her attention when she returns after July 4th.
Best wishes.
[Assistant to Susan Petersen Kennedy]

There's commentary on this "response" at the link so please refer to Media Matters' post to learn more.

We'll also note the Media Matters Ruth e-mailed to highlight "NPR's Dvorkin mischaracterized CPB ombudsmen ... again:"

In a June 21 column on the National Public Radio (NPR) website, NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin wrote that Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) chairman Kenneth Y. Tomlinson appointed two CPB ombudsmen -- "one for the left and one for the right."
The column marked at least the second time that Dvorkin has
repeated Tomlinson's baseless characterization of CPB ombudsman Ken Bode as "left" or "liberal."

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