Saturday, August 16, 2008

Silences, lies and refusals

A pickup truck exploded near the central bus station at Balad, a largely Shiite town in the overwhelmingly Sunni province of Salahuddin.
Witnesses speculated that the bomber had exploited a recent relaxation in security. “It is an attempt to blow up the atmosphere of reconciliation between the people of Balad and the other cities of Salahuddin and to make another wave of sectarian anger,” Col. Ali Saleh, a Salahuddin police spokesman, said.

The above is from Stephen Farrell and Suadad al-Salhy's "Truck Bomber Kills 9 as Shiite Pilgrims Travel Through Northern Iraq" in today's New York Times. And except for the wire services, that's pretty much it.

Community Member X (community members will know his name) asked that something be noted here. I'm calling him CMX because he usually sticks to the newsletter. As someone stationed in Korea who has only recently learned he deploys to Iraq next year, CMX wants it made very clear that he believes the press is doing "a s**t poor job and acting like the Iraq War ended." He notes that they are still on high alert (in Korea, over the perceived 'threat' of Iran) and that it's just started to sink in with others he's serving with that Barack's not just gotten a free pass, he's not going to do a damn thing to end the illegal war.

CMX is digsuted with the after-thought nature of the Iraq War and wants it noted "Katrina vanden Heuvel and all the beggars in indymedia and all the liars in corporate media are ensuring that a lot more people are going to die in that illegal war by their silences, their lies and their refusal to make ending this illegal war their top agenda. They have blood on their hands. They need to be called out and confronted. And the lies that Barack is planning to end the war need to be called out every damn day."

And that really says it all. Amanda notes this from Team Nader:

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